Assistant Manager, CRC at Standard Chartered Bank

1.Provide high level quality support to Credit Approvers, Relationship Managers and related officers in the Business Unit while providing some independent control over the credit process. 2.Issuance of Banking Facility Letters upon receipt of approved BCA ensure, observing TAT and high standards of accuracy. 3.Liaisons with external service providers on security documentation process and ensure securing documentation and conditions have been perfected/completed prior to drawdown of facility (unless waiver held). 4.Maintain & Update security documentation accurately in the Collateral Management System (CMS). 5.Issuance of SCC on receipt of last outstanding Security document as per the TAT. 6.To embed the Bank's AML-CDD procedures for all borrowing relationships. 7.Maintain service quality standards towards Bank's Outserve initiative.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

1.To prepare and issue final (clean type) Banking Facility Letters for dispatch within TAT. 2.Issue SCC within TAT of receipt of last outstanding item. 3.To follow- up directly with underwriters on the related renewals and topping- up of Insurance or seeking valuation reports/top- up of cash shortfalls for continued compliance with securing documentation. 4.Issue deficiency reports upon receipt of BCA/Accepted BFL. 5.Embed AML-CDD procedures to all borrowing relationships (refer existing checklist). 6.To instruct and follow up Bank's external lawyers in the preparation of non-standard documentation. 7.Processing of incoming documents up to custodian function. 8.To maintain accurate and complete records in CMS/files for all security documentation. 9.Processing of instructions by business for limit realignment. 10.To generate reminders to Corporate/Personal guarantors on their contingent liability to the Bank biannually. 11.Support the Bank's "Here for Good" brand promise and enhance the Bank's profile on corporate social responsibility by participation in community projects 12.Ensure proper vault management as a vault combination back-up for CRC-CDM

Qualifications and Skills

-Good knowledge on Bank's products and services. -Good working knowledge of the operation of other departments. -Good working knowledge on companies Act and legal requirements for perfection of security documentation. -Good supervisory and management skills. -Good working knowledge of Collateral management system. -University Degree

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