Mandarin Speaking Relationship Manager , Standard Chartered Bank

* RM will be responsible for Chinese Portfolio on Origination and would work closely as a team with the CA/and CCM in onboarding clients, deepening relationships and driving revenue growth.
* The RM is overall responsible for post deal account maintenance and managing the risk associated with the portfolio. He/she has an overview on CCM who holds direct responsibility for post transactional activities and the CA for credit related activities.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

* Ensure quality of client acquisition, identify prospect and convert in line with Bank's appetite and CC segment's strategy.
* Ensure quality of the sales pitch and lead them with the clients. Also review the Term sheets before delivering to clients.
* Work with CAand obtain all pre-deal clearances.
* Effectively use CRM for managing a healthy pipeline and also a record of client calls and discussions.
* Oversee CCM to ensure smooth on-boarding of client after thorough completion of documentation and other processes.
* Senior client calling and briefing on a regular basis for account maintenance and deal negotiation. Also engage senior internal stakeholders for marketing, credit and any other pertinent issues.

Client on-boarding & deal execution
* Work with CDD team to ensure proper completion of eCDDs.
* Work closely with CA/ARM, product partners (FM/TB/RP), and analyze a) wallet size b) determine appropriateness of the product and c) work out a comprehensive account plan from a one-bank perspective
* Successfully negotiate and close out pricing and other deal dynamics with client
* Oversee the quality & turnaround of credit proposal and ensure faster delivery. Work with CA/ARM for resolving Credit queries.
* Oversee the CCM to ensure all documentation and security creation are completed on time to ensure smooth execution of transaction.
* Liaising with Legal/external counsel/CRC in preparation and execution of non standard complex transactions along with product partners.

Account Management & portfolio quality
* Work close with TB team in delivering cash management solutions and migrating clients to digital channels including S2B and S2BX
* Oversee the service quality and turnaround of service requests from clients and ensure faster delivery by CSG
* Along with the product partner, push for line utilization of complex and structured transactions. Oversee the CCM in ensuring high utilization of regular WC facilities.
* Review BCA renewal timeline, Covenants, Failed Trade status, EAR, ASTAR CCRT, etc with the CA/ARM to ensure discipline and quality in portfolio
* Review DDW, insurance and valuation renewal timeline with CCM to ensure they are closed/renewed in a timely manner without causing impact on the client
* Review the excess/past due situation with CCM to ensure they are regularized and also facilitate approvals wherever required.

* Review and monitor the client profitability to ensure there are no revenue leakages.
* Work close with CA/ARM and CCM to make sure the credit files are complete and up to date
* Attend various internal or external sales/ non sales meetings like EAR, CAT, MTM calls, Portfolio Review Meeting and convene the consortium meetings where we are the lead bank.
* Overall responsible and accountable for the credit quality of the assigned/acquired portfolio.
* Ensure you remain alert to the risk of money laundering and assist in the Bank' efforts in combating it by adhering to the key principles in relation to: identifying your customer, knowing your customer, reporting suspicions, safeguarding records and not disclosing suspicions to customers.
* Provides feedback to management and internal departments regarding customer service quality, product issues, customer complaints etc

Qualifications and Skills

Speak and write proper Chinese language ( Mandarin)
Good first degree or requisite technical skills gained through professional associations and practical experience.
Strong general banking experience and expertise.
Good Credit & Trade Skills
Experience in corporate/Commercial banking

Diversity and Inclusion

Standard Chartered is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that a work environment which embraces diversity will enable us to get the best out of the broadest spectrum of people to sustain strong business performance and competitive advantage. By building an inclusive culture, each employee can develop a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to maximise their personal potential.


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