Amnesty International is looking for a Regional Trust and Foundations Manager for the Africa region, which can be based in Johannesburg or Nairobi or Dakar.
Amnesty International Secretariat (AIIS), operates from a number of sites around the world, gathers and communicates accurate and action-oriented human rights information globally. AIIS campaigns for meaningful human rights change; enables effective human rights activism and works to persuade governments and other actors to uphold universal human rights standards. We provide strategic leadership, support and advice to the Amnesty International movement globally, fostering Amnesty International's contribution, presence and public accountability throughout the world.
This role is in the Global Trust and Foundations Programme which sits within the Global Fundraising and Engagement (GFE) Directorate, which provides strategic leadership to AI sections for the overall movement growth strategies in people and money.
This is one of 4 Regional Trust and Foundations Manager posts we are currently hiring as part of a new global fundraising structure. The other Regional Trust and Foundations Manager posts are Asia, Latin America and Europe.
The Regional Trusts and Foundations Manager for the Africa region will support priority sections in their Trust and Foundations specialist fundraising activities in the region, including advising on and coordinating of financial investment and other capacity building resources which will drive direct fundraising activities and financial growth in Amnesty International in the region, resulting in successful fundraising programmes according to market potential and in line with strategic fundraising goals that add value to the movement.
The ideal candidate will have extensive experience of developing large scale, multi-year funding proposals to a variety of (international) trusts, foundations and institutional sources, preferably with experience in fundraising from Trust and Foundations in the Africa region.

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