Tangazo la Kazi AccessBank Tanzania Ltd

Business Software Developer

  •  In depth research and business analysis of the bank’s operating process.
  • Prototyping and testing of new ideas and solutions.
  • Conduction of human centric design processes.
  • Develop new software, mobile application, web based interface and back end data management under the directives and instruction of the Head of Business Development.
  • Develop and maintain new databases.
  • Understand current infrastructure of the bank, the disparate systems being used in collection, and storage of data, and help improve the procedures in place.
  • Design and set up an OLAP database with a day end update frequency with ETL interfaces for multiple disparate systems that will deed data to the OLAP store.
  • Conduct external market research where necessary.
Selection Criteria:

Must possess at least a Bachelor or equivalent (16 years of formal education) degree in ICT. If the Undergraduate education is completed with a major other than ICT, then the applicants should hold a post grad degree in ICT.

A genuine passion for technology, innovation, databases and mobile applications.

Computer literacy:      

1.   Should have a minimum of experience of setting up, managing and upgrading database and information systems.
2.   Additional Data management related certifications are preferred.
3.   Must be skilled with data bases (Design schema, normalization, etc) reports and web based interfaces reporting
4.   Should be able to design databases optimized for retrieval and analytics.
5.   Should be familiar with ETL and OLAP concepts
6.   Well versed in SQL
7.   Should know PHP, ruby or any other scripting language to setup online reporting portals.
8.   Must have working knowledge of java, Hadoop or hibernate etc

Other required qualifications:
  • Honest person with high integrity and independence who will observe professional ethics in executing his/her duties.
  • Strong team skills.
  • A high degree of creativity.
  • High attention to details.
  • Good time management and work efficiency.
  • Good report writing skills.
  • High degree of reliability and integrity.
  • Strong analytical and communication skills. Good command of English is strongly requested.
  • Written and verbal communication, including technical writing skills.
  • Leadership.
Applicant:  Please send your resume and motivation letter (indicating the position title in the subject heading) via e-mail to: career@accessbank.co.tz, other credentials should be submitted during the interview for verification. Deadline for submission is 13th February 2017.

AccessBank Tanzania is an equal opportunities employer
About the Business Development Unit

‘The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.’

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from technology, customers, markets, and relationships.  The business development department is the team of AccessBank Tanzania dedicated to the development of new products, services and projects. It is a dynamic team composed of highly qualified professionals with a strong passion for innovation and technology to be applied for serving the unbanked sectors of the Tanzanian population.
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