Gardener : Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan


Perform duties as gardener in connection with gardening labour services on the embassy compounds and embassy resident. Summary of general duties is listed below;
1. Cares for all plants, flower, grass, and trees on embassy grounds and inside chancery and administrative office buildings and at embassy residence.
2. Irrigates all foliage on embassy grounds and inside chancery and administrative office building.
3. Sweep and clean debris from walk ways, drive ways, and from security equipment located on embassy grounds.
4. Clean dust and sand from embassy parking areas.
5. Clean and remove leaves and debris from roots, gutters and down spots on embassy grounds and embassy residences as needed
6. Fumigate and disinfect plants, embassy grounds and embassy residences for pests and diseases.
7. Tend to the gardens, lawns, trees and other vegetation on the Employer's premises. .
8. Ensure that the gardens, lawns and other vegetation at the Employer's offices are clean, neat and well-maintained.
9. Trim and prune the trees, shrubbery, hedges and other vegetation on the Employer's premises.
10. Collect dead leaves from the gardens, lawns and any other area of the Employer's premises.
11. Plant and water the gardens, lawns and trees at the Employer's premises.
12. Cut down any trees or vegetation as instructed by the Employer.
13. Undertake such duties and exercise such powers in relation to the Employer as shall from time to time be assigned to or vested in him.
14. In the discharge of such duties and in the exercise of such powers observe and comply with all instructions and directives from time to time made or given or issued by the Employer.
15. Devote the whole of his time and attention during the working hours to the discharge of his duties above.
16. Conform to such hours of work as may from time to time reasonably be required of him.
17. Observe and conform to the rules, procedures and regulations as contained in the Office Procedures and Guidelines Manual.
18. In pursuance of his duties hereunder perform such services for Employer as the Employer may reasonably require.

1. Good communications skills
2. He/She should possess strong ability to work independently without supervision

Application Instructions
Interested eligible candidates should submit their application letter, curriculum vitae and three referees to The Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan P.O. Box 79 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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