Economic Specialist

Location: Tanzania
Full-time position
Applications Due: 3/4/2017
Job Description
ME&A is recruiting for an Economic Specialist to be included in a proposal for a five year monitoring and evaluation project in Tanzania. The project will involve collecting and analyzing quality data from USAID projects throughout the country for the purposes of guiding policy for both USAID and the Government of Tanzania.
The Economic Specialist will assist with the design, planning, and implementation of the evaluations, bringing her/his area specific knowledge.
Required Qualifications
PhD in Economics, International Development, Statistics, or a related field
At least 10 years of experience working on sustainable development projects
Experience conducting evaluations
English and Kiswahili written and spoken fluency
Strong analytical, writing, and editing skills
Proven ability to multi-task and handle a fast-paced work environment
Highly skilled at personal and task organization
Strong computer skills
Strong interpersonal skills, flexibility and adaptability
If interested, please send CV, references, and cover letter to psullivan@engl.com with the subject line “Economic Specialist.” Please provide details about your experience in project support. Only finalists will be contacted. The application deadline is March 4, 2017. ME&A is an equal employment opportunity employer.

About the Organization

ME&A is a qualified small business, dedicated to providing creative solutions for economic development and social development throughout the world. Our Core Areas of Concentration include economic and community development, public adminstration and governance, and business development and technology transfer.
ME&A specializes in project and performance evaluations. The last year we have completed over 14 successful evaluations throughout the world in a range of topics.
ME&A’s staff of professionals are dedicated to pursuing excellence in the principles, practices and processes of their professions. We are a client-oriented organization committed to upholding the highest of professional standards and being a responsible corporate citizen.
We believe in creative teaming with other partners, maintaining strong professionalism and ethics in meeting our objectives, and utilizing our multicultural skills to better understand and communicate with our clients. ME&A pursues and embraces our client’s organizational and programmatic goals. We work as a team, whereever appropriate, to bring collective knowledge to bear in creating developmental solutions.
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