Driver : Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan


Duties & Responsibilities:
1. This position drives the Embassy's official vehicle and maintains the safety and security of the Chief of Mission while driving at all times.
2. The incumbent will maintain daily trip log, perform vehicle preventive maintenance and has to work closely in a team environment with other Embassy drivers.
3. . Driving the motor vehicle(s) belonging to the Employer.
4. Driving any other motor vehicle(s) assigned to the Employee by the Employer.
5. Ensuring that the motor vehicle(s) assigned to the Employee are checked on a daily basis and serviced regularly.
6. Reporting to the Employer any problems or concerns in respect to the motor vehicle(s) assigned to the Employee.
7. Undertake such duties and exercise such powers in relation to the Employer as shall from time to time be assigned to or vested in him.
8. In the discharge of such duties and in the exercise of such powers observe and comply with all instructions and directives from time to time made or given or issued by the Employer.
9. Devote the whole of his time and attention during the working hours to the discharge of his duties above.
10. Conform to such hours of work as may from time to time reasonably be required of him.
11. Observe and conform to the rules, procedures and regulations as contained in the Office Procedures and Guidelines Manual.
12. In pursuance of his duties hereunder perform such services for Employer as the Employer may reasonably require.

Qualifications Required:
Applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.
1. Successful completion of secondary school or graduating High School education
2. At least Four (4) Years of commercial driving experience especially with Diplomatic Mission.
3. Fluent oral and proficient written English communication and interpersonal skills
4. Thorough knowledge of Tanzania traffic laws, city layout, driving routes, locations of frequently used addresses, parking in crowded city areas and use of Global Positioning System (GPS) tools.
5. Must have basic computer skills.
6. Ability to lift heavy objects and open heavy doors of armored vehicles.
7. Ability to make judgments on the safety interests of passengers, vehicle maintenance needs, timeliness, road etiquette and transportation priorities.
8. Must possess Class 3 and 4 local driver's license with a good driving record.
9. Must be willing to work beyond regular work hours and weekends.

Interested eligible candidates should submit their application letter, curriculum vitae and three referees to The Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan P.O. Box 79 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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