Financially Self-Sufficient Schools in Tanzania: Overcoming Poverty through Learning by Doing, Earning and Saving



A. Background:

The Fundación Paraguaya (FP) is a financially solid, well-managed social enterprise based in Asunción, Paraguay (South America), whose mission is to develop innovative solutions to poverty and unemployment in Paraguay and proactively disseminate them around the world. The FP currently runs four schools in Paraguay which follow the Financially Self -Sufficient School model and has implemented 40 student cooperative programs. It is also providing technical assistance to other schools in Latin America and Africa which are adopting the FSS School model. This initiative is a stepping stone for scaling up the model across sub-Saharan Africa.

In July 2011, the Fundación Paraguaya de Cooperación y Desarrollo entered into a partnership with The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) to implement a project entitled Financially Self -Sufficient Schools in Tanzania: Overcoming Poverty through Learning by Doing, Earning and Saving.

This project enables the FP – and its sister institution Teach A Man To Fish (TAM2F) -- to replicate its successful Financially Self-Sufficient (FSS) School model in 5 non-profit, non-government Tanzanian secondary schools serving low-income rural and semi-rural youth ages 14-20. It will also allow the FP to implement a “lighter touch” program of student cooperatives in 20 government-run schools, so as to introduce elements of the “learning by doing, while saving and earning” approach, improve student outcomes in public schools, and open the door to broader cooperation with government schools.

B. General Objective of the Position:

The Project Manager and Technical Advisor position is a long-term professional position based in Tanzania. He/She will lead the planning and implementation of the project, oversee all aspects of the program, including programmatic, financial, administrative, and personnel. He/she is responsible for achieving project development, implementation, monitoring and reporting as well as representing the project in Tanzania and beyond. The Project Manager and Technical Advisor is also responsible of developing and maintaining excellent work relationships with The MasterCard Foundation, the FP and local and international partners and counterparts.

sow project manager tanzania.doc July 16, 2012

C. Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Ensure operational and program integrity.

2. Plan, coordinate, supervise and monitor project activities.
3. Manage, oversee and report on Project Activities in Tanzania.

4. Contribute to the design and implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation System and ensure that all activities performed in country are monitored and evaluated.

5. Finalize outstanding project start-up activities.

6. Maintain fluid exchange of information with the University of Minnesota M&E team and ensure implementation of these activities.
7. Serve as key liaison to the home office.

8. Liaison with other donors and implementing partners in Tanzania.

9. Directly supervise, train and evaluate office support staff.
10. Work closely with the project Accountant to design and implement project accounting/financial reporting systems
11. Collaborate with the home office project management unit to monitor FP contract compliance
12. Ensure that the Project offices operate at all times in accordance with FP Rules and Regulations and with Tanzanian legislation.
13. Support the preparation of reports for FP and The MasterCard Foundation .
14. Supervise the coordination of in-country logistics, including transportation and lodging arrangements for meetings, workshops, conferences and short-term personnel.

15. Oversee purchases of office equipment and supplies, as well as general office operations and maintenances.
16. Maintain tracking systems for procurement, publications, project inventory, action memos, approvals and other administrative tasks.
17. Orient short-term consultants on field office procedures

18. Oversee maintenance of the project’s filing system

19. Manage personnel issues, including preparation of employment agreements, determination and administration of employee benefits and allowances, dispensation of payment to local consultants, etc.

20. Travel to cities outside of the project site as necessary to make arrangements for project activities.
21. Assist in recruitment of project staff and short-term local consultants, as needed.

22. Manage and oversee all local contracts, sub-contracts and other agreements, including lease, insurance and other agreements.
23. Represent the project as directed by the General Manager of FP.

24. Other duties as assigned by the General Manager.

D. Qualifications and Experience:

1. University Degree in a relevant field

2. Minimum of 5 years experience in office administration and operations

3. Minimum 5 years of experience in the implementation of development projects in Africa. Experience in Tanzania is highly desirable
4. Fluency in speaking, reading and writing English

5. Strong attention to detail

sow project manager tanzania.doc July 16, 2012

6. Strong organizational and prioritization skills

7. Ability to work and lead teams of different background and preparation
8. Strong computer spreadsheet, work processing and internet skills

C. Related Requirements:

1. Ability to work in a professional and cordial manner with fellow Fundacion Paraguaya staff, implementing and cooperating partners, and relevant NGOs and government agencies.

2. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to be able to accept and discharge substantial responsibilities, to prioritize work assignments, to meet deadlines, and to exercise professional judgment.

3. Willingness to learn FP rules, regulations and procedures.

4. The Project Manager and Technical Advisor Coordinator will be required to travel to Dar el Salaam and Njombe as well as to other parts of the country and/or overseas, including Paraguay.

E. Reporting Responsibility:

The Project Manager and Technical Advisor will report to the Fundacion Paraguaya General Manager or his Designee.

F. Place of Duty

The designated place of Duty is Morogoro, Tanzania.

G. Application Instructions

Interested and qualified candidates should email lfcateura@fundacionparaguaya.org.py the following:
i) CV;
ii) a one-page letter explaining interest in job, and

iii) the names and addresses of three reliable referees.

The subject line of the e-mail should read: Project Manager Applicant: [Your Name]

Only qualified candidates will be contacted. Please do NOT send certificates; only CV and letter.

Closing date for applications is Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 5 pm
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