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Job Ref No: 4230000
Job Title: Manager Carrier Operators
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Report To: Head Sales
Closing Date: Friday, May 27, 2016 (16:30)
• Builds and run a profitable carrier business (National & International). • Develop strategic partnerships with other Operators. • Develop Interconnect agreements that match the requirements of the operators and in a manner which reflects TTCL’s broader strategic plans.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Develops, disseminates, maintains and reviews Carrier operators Relationship Management, guidelines, policies, processes to enhance performance and satisfaction
. 2. Plans, develops and implements the carrier services business strategies to meet revenue objectives.
3. Manages and maintains business relationships with other operators to optimize traffic patterns to maximize revenue.
4. Liaise with legal department to negotiate and manage interconnection and service provisioning agreements with other operators (local and international).
5. Liaise with other stakeholders to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
6. Liaise with other stakeholders in the service provisioning process to other operators.
7. Provide strong guidance and support to that ensures carrier Operations objectives and performance targets are met. 8 Implements Customer Relationship Management (CRM) guidelines, policies, processes and training to enhance performance and customer satisfaction.
9 Provide leadership to the section by demonstrating the corporate values taking accountability for the actions and results of self and others in the section, being a champion of positive change and continuously working to improve all aspects of the operations of the section, department and Company.
10 Provide inputs as required to TTCL’s corporate planning processes and developing sectional objectives and functional plans that support the achievement of TTCL’s corporate objectives and the TTCL Strategic Business Plan.
11 Accountable for the development of employees and ensuring the section has the skills and resources necessary to accomplish sectional objectives
12 Accountable for performance management of employees including setting objectives, regular feedback on performance and coaching and mentoring to improve performance and maximize employee job satisfaction.
13 Accountable for developing section budget within the framework of the corporate budget and monitoring and controlling sectional expenditures to meet the budget and maximize the effective use of TTCL’s financial resources.
14 Perform any other duties as may be assigned by respective controlling officer.

Key Qualifications / Experience / Skills:

• A University degree in business Administration/Marketing/Economics/ Telecommunication Engineering or equivalent. A post-graduate degree would be an added advantage.
Five (5) years experience in telecoms industry of which three (3) should be in supervisory level. Computer literacy.
Strong communications and interpersonal skills.
Business acumen with the ability to focus on results and providing innovative solutions. Customer focused and responsive.

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