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Job Ref No: 1212000
Job Title: Public Relations Officer (Events Coordinator)
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Report To: Public Relations Manager
Closing Date: Friday, May 27, 2016 (16:30)

To provide assistance to all public relations and corporate communication matters within TTCL.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Participate in planning, developing and implementing Public Relations strategies. 2. Participate in planning, developing and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility policy; 3. Participating actively in all assignments relating to Mass Communication; Public Relations, Media Relations, Production for the Media, Stakeholders engagements, Advertising, Promotions and Publicity campaigns.
4. Liaising with and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organizations, often via telephone and email.
5. Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media.
6. Monitoring and analyzing media coverage.
7. Writing and editing in-house magazines, case studies, speeches, articles and annual reports and other forms of Communication materials.
8. Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes.
9. Organizing events including Press Conferences, Press tours, Exhibitions, Meetings, Seminars, Workers Councils, CSR events etc.
10. Maintaining and updating information on the Company’s website
. 11. Managing and updating information and engaging with users on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
12. Fostering community relations through events such as open days and through involvement in community initiatives.
13. Managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation.
14. Develop and coordinate publicity and other communications support related to events/programs within assigned responsibility.
15. Develop news, photographs, advertising, and direct mail materials, for optimum communication with identified publics.
16. Provide design, editorial, production and distribution advice/guidance to internal departments/divisions/organizations preparing publications and other materials.
17. Evaluate public relations special events, programs and projects in assigned area of responsibility and revise, as necessary.
18. Any other duties as may be assigned by respective controlling officer.

Key Qualifications / Experience / Skills:

• Bachelor's Degree in either Public Relations or Mass Communication.
At least 3 years of work experience in Media, PR and Communications.
Knowledge and experience in Corporate Social Responsibility activities.
Excellent skills in relationship building at all levels and an ability to influence people. Experience in organising events.
Excellent written communication skills- ability to convey complex issues simply, effectively and persuasively to different stakeholders.
Knowledge in supervising Pre & Post production of Media programs.
Bold knowledge in Communication through Social Media networks.

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