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Consultant for Project Effectiveness Review
Project Context
Since mid-2012, Oxfam Tanzania signed memorandum of understanding with her counterpart Oxfam Intermón to implement a project called Optimizing income of Local chicken and sunflower smallholder producers in 10 wards of Dodoma and Morogoro regions. Subsequently, at implementation level, Oxfam signed agreement with four community institutions namely UMADEP, WOPATA, INADES and SEDIT with the direct execution of the project based on the agreed timeline and Objectives.Sokoine University of Agriculture was also involved in capacity building of the farmers. The Optimizing income of Local chicken and sunflower smallholder producers in 10[1] wards of Dodoma and Morogoro regions project was financed by La Caxia Foundation through Oxfam with implementation starting at the end of 2012.
This project which is also known as the OCHISUN project- aims at contributing to poverty reduction of small scale men and women producers and its overall goal is to improve the household  income of the rural communities through the production of eggs,chicken,sunflower and through improvement of  their financial and organizational capacities.
The focus of the project has been to improve productivity of agricultural activities; adding value to agricultural produce; improving access to markets and strengthening of farmers’ organisation so that they can better determine and have control of their development.
The project has been implemented in Kilosa, Kongwa and Chamwino districts. The local implementing organisations are, UMADEP (covering Kitete and Msowero wards in Kilosa) working on the poultry value chain, WOPATA (covering Kimamba and Rudewa wards in Kilosa district) working on the poultry value chain. On the other hand INADES has been working in 5 wards covering within Chamwino and Kongwa districts and working on sunflower and poultry value chains. SEDIT is a support partner and works with the communities in the three project districts to form and strengthen village community savings and credit groups-VICOBA. With exception of SEDIT all the remaining partners had worked with Oxfam before and they generally had an experience ranging between 10-20 years at the time of signing the contract to implement the project.
Scope of Work
  • Review project documents and discuss the project with Oxfam and partner staff, to understand the details of the project objectives and its implementation.
  • Work with Oxfam staff to identify indicators and design a questionnaire suitable for evaluating the project’s impact on resilience.
  • Engage a team of experienced enumerators for the data collection. (Note: the final selection of enumerators for the work will be carried out jointly between the consultant and Oxfam, and that both parties will agree on the selected candidates.)
  •  Lead a three-day training workshop for enumerators. This will include two days working through questionnaires and the use of the mobile devices/tablets and one day of field testing.
  • Organise all of the logistical arrangements necessary to carry out the field work, including transport and accommodation for enumerators, as necessary.
  • Arrange the translation of the questionnaire into the local language (where appropriate).
  • Help identify a valid comparison group of households that were similar to the project participants before it started, but who did not in fact participate in the project.
  • Prepare a list of sampled intervention and comparison households (660 in total) and a list of replacement households to ensure sufficient sample size, in collaboration with Oxfam and project partners.
  • Manage the survey work in the field, ensuring that the enumerators interview the correct respondents that surveys are carried out to a high standard, and that targets for numbers of respondents to be interviewed are met.
  • Consult Oxfam’s Impact Evaluation Adviser on any problems that affect the selection of respondents for the survey or the number of respondents to be interviewed.
  • Write a brief report on the conduct of the field work, including details of any problems which were encountered and how they were resolved, and any feedback which may be useful for future surveys.

Skills and Qualification
  • Masters Degree in project management, monitoring and evaluation, social science, or any relevant field.
  • Knowledge and experience of working in rural areas of Tanzania.
  • Experience in undertaking quantitative evaluations, especially administering household surveys
  •  Exceptionally high level of attention to detail in carrying out surveys.
  • Strong management skills: able to organize the work of teams of enumerators so as to complete the work on schedule and to the required standard
  • Strong information technology/computer skills.
  •  Excellent English technical writing and communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of rural livelihoods and approaches for Natural Resources programming,
  • Fluency in local language.
  •  Access to mobile/tablet devices for conducting digital surveys
Essential skills and qualifications for enumerators
  • University/college graduate (exceptional candidates who have completed the highest grade in High School, may also be considered).
  • Fluency in relevant local language.
  • Ability to read and understand English effectively.
  • Strong information technology/computer skills.
  • High level of attention to detail in carrying out surveys.
  • Energy and a positive attitude to work, even when working in arduous conditions.
  • Experience of working in rural areas of Tanzania, with a strong understanding of rural livelihoods.
  • Previous experience of administering household surveys.
  •  Previous experience of using mobile devices/tablets for data collection.
Ideally, an equal mix of male and female enumeratorswill be hired by the consultant

To Apply
If you believe you qualify for the above post, please submit your application and CV, detailing your experience for the post by applying online at www.oxfam.org.uk/jobsYou are advised to use advert reference number INT2474 and job title above. The closing date for applications is 20thJune 2016
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Oxfam has zero tolerance on bribery; any such incidences of solicitation should be reported to ripotirushwa@oxfam.org.uk

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