Manager, HR Administration and Industrial Relations

Job Ref No: 2300000
Job Title: Manager, HR Administration and Industrial Relations
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Report To: Head of Human Resources
Closing Date: Friday, May 27, 2016 (16:30)


The incumbent will ensure existence of harmonious work relations between management and employees by complying with labour legislations, HR Policies, Guidelines and Regulations. S/he will ensure that, TTCL implements the best practices in the areas of remuneration, rewards and benefits that add value to the business. S/he will Administer compensation, benefits, and safety and recreation programs.

Key Responsibilities:

1. To initiate formulation, implementation and review of HR Policies, Guidelines, Regulations and Practices that foster harmonious industrial relations within the company and add value to the business.
2. To establish and sustain strong and effective working interfaces between management and all Trade Unions operating in the company.
3. To interpret, disseminate and monitor implementation of various labour legislations and ensure compliance within TTCL
4. To develop, update and recommend review of company’s compensation and benefits packages to ensure they are competitive, attractive and motivate the right behavior and performance
5. To manage the payroll system in liaison with Finance department and ensure that payments are appropriately done to the existing employees in the organization and remittances to the pension schemes are done timely.
6. To manage an organization’s pay structure by monitoring market conditions and government regulations to ensure company’s pay rates are current and competitive.
7. To analyze data on wages and salaries, and evaluate how the organization’s pay structure compares with that of other companies.
8. To administer company’s employee benefits program, which includes retirement plans, leave policies, wellness programs, and insurance policies.
9. To manage provision of welfare services in the company and ensure the company compliance with healthy and safety regulations.
10. To provide inputs to TTCL’s corporate planning process and budgeting in terms of employees’ related costs and develop sectional performance targets and plans that support the achievement of TTCL Corporate objectives.
11. To provide leadership to the section by demonstrating corporate values, accountability for the actions and results for self and others and practices corporate governance in the section. 12. To provide inputs as required to TTCL’s corporate planning processes and developing sectional objectives and functional plans that support the achievement of TTCL’s corporate objectives and the TTCL Strategic Business Plan.
13. To develop employees and ensuring the section has adequate performance capabilities in terms of skills and resources necessary to accomplish sectional objectives
14. Accountable for performance management of employees including setting objectives, regular feedback on performance and coaching and mentoring to improve performance and maximize employee job satisfaction.
15. Accountable for developing section budget and monitor and control sectional expenditures and costs to meet the budget and maximize the effective use of TTCL’s financial resources.
16. To Implement and exercise delegated authority and any other instructions and directives as may be issued by the management from time to time.

Key Qualifications / Experience / Skills:

• A University Degree in Labour Laws, Human Resources Management/Public Administration/Business Administration or equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution.
Post graduate qualifications in Labour Laws or Business Administration would be added advantage.
At least 3 years’ supervisory role experience in Human Resource functions from a large commercial organization. (where extensive working experience with the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration is key)
Computer literacy, Analytical skills, with the ability to relate HR Strategies and policies to corporate strategies.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, negotiation skills coupled with ability to build and sustain teamwork.
High degree of honesty and integrity.
Strong negotiation and persuasive skills.


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