ICT Security Engineer , TTCL

Job Ref No: 5302100
Job Title: ICT Security Engineer
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Report To: ICT Security Manager
Closing Date: Friday, May 27, 2016 (16:30)

The incumbent will work on providing secure ICT infrastructure and application usage to TTCL’s systems including safeguarding ICT systems managed by TTCL core, ISP and information services and their associated processes from internal and external threats, and ensure that TTCL Data centres and Network complies with statutory and regulatory requirements regarding information and network access, security and privacy. The incumbent will also act as a security advisor to ICT security manager and provide security expertise and coordination to HQ and regional administrators to provide secure environment to TTCL systems.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate the development of ICT security policies, standards and procedures. Work with key IT and Network offices, data custodians and governance groups in the development of ICT security policies.
2. Enforce ICT security policies across TTCL and ICT customers.
3. Develop and implement an Incident reporting and response system to address security breaches, respond to policy violations, or complaints from internal and external users.
4. Develop and implement an ongoing risk assessment program targeting ICT security and privacy matters; recommend methods for vulnerability detection and remediation and perform vulnerability testing.
5. Configure and monitor TTCL and partner network connectivity to TTCL data centres.
6. Conduct information security awareness to TTCL staff and partners.
7. Protect systems by defining access privileges, control structures and resources and Configuring accesses control systems to prevent unauthorised access to TTCL systems.
8. Protect the network by defining, configuring and monitoring intrusion detections, content filtering and malware protection systems. 9. Plan design and configure firewalls and access list to protect TTCL network and Data Centres from internal and external attacks.
10. Ensure system backup is performed and data sent offsite to all TTCL critical servers.
11. Resolve all reported security and network outage incidents at data centres and take actions to prevent recurrence on future.
12. Plan, Develop, document, implement and update business continuity and disaster recovery plan for critical ICT systems.
13. Implementing and maintaining security controls to ICT systems.
14. Maintains quality service by following organization and industry standards.
15. Develop and document IT systems business continuity plan.
16. Perform penetration testing to TTCL systems and recommend remediation.
17. Work with TTCL project managers in designing, installing and configuring ICT security systems for TTCL and customers.
18. Deploy and manage effective Anti Intrusion and anti malware systems. Monitor intrusion and malware attempts and recommend appropriate measures to be taken against the offenders. Work with others to periodically test the strength of deployed systems.
19. Protect TTCL against software piracy in terms of the software used at the organization as well as software developed by TTCL for use outside the organization.
20. Carry out any other duties as may be assigned by controlling officer.

Key Qualifications / Experience / Skills:

• University Degree in Computer science/Electrical/Electronics/ Telecommunications Engineering or equivalent qualification.
Must be registered with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) of Tanzania.
At least two (2) years experience in ICT security or systems administration in reputable organization.
Knowledge on major Server operating systems specifically, Microsoft, Linux or UNIX.
Networking knowledge preferably Microsoft and Cisco Networking.
Data base knowledge specifically SQL or Oracle.
Knowledge on Firewalls, intrusion detections and content filtering configurations, operations and Security frameworks ITIL v3 and ISO-27001.
Knowledge and experience on vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, risk assessment and Business impact analysis.
Knowledge of any IT security certification is an added advantage.
Budgeting and tracking budget Expenses and Project Management.
Problem Solving.


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