Junior Web Business Analyst, World Intellectual Property Organization

Name of unit/sector : Operations Service, The Hague Registry,
Brands and Designs Sector
Place of Assignment : Geneva, Switzerland
Expected places of travel (if applicable) : N/A
Expected duration of assignment : six months - from June 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016
1. Objective of the assignment
The Contractor is located in the Operations Service of the Hague Registry, Brands and Designs Sector. The Hague Registry is responsible for the management and development of the Hague System. The Hague System is based on the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs that allows users to seek protection for their industrial designs in the various contracting parties by means of a single application filed directly with the International Bureau of WIPO, and to subsequently manage those rights under a single title, recorded centrally in the International Register. The Hague Agreement is constituted by the Geneva Act of July 2, 1999 (1999 Act) and the Hague Act of November 28, 1960 (1960 Act).
The Contractor provides support in the modernization of business processes in the Hague Registry and contributes to the continuous improvement of the user experience and value delivery by designing solutions for web applications and web forms.
2. Deliverables/services
Under the supervision of the Head of the Operations Service, the Contractor carries out, in particular, the following duties
  • support the business analysis for the integration of various web interfaces into an integrated global platform by designing mockups, analyzing web content, issue reporting and testing;
  • participate in the improvement of the production of priority documents by analysis, web design and other project-related tasks;
  • participate in the improvement of the publication of corrections in the International Designs Bulletin (web application);
  • participate in the improvement of the user queries handling and response process; 
  • participate in the main IT system conversion testing, quality control and continuous improvement;
  • participate in the creation of tutorial material for internal and external users;
  • perform other related duties as required.
3. Reporting
The Contractor shall work under the direct coordination of the Head, Operations Service, the Hague Registry
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