PTA BANK JOBS - TZN - 4/5/2016

The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank commonly known as the PTA Bank, is a specialized African multilateral financial institution serving most of the Eastern and Southern Africa. The Bank’s objective is to provide short, medium and long term financing to viable projects and trade finance activities in member states.
PTA Bank has acquired 1.052 acres approximately 4,255 square meters parcel of land on Lenana Road Nairobi opposite the Sri Lanka High Commission. PTA Bank is desirous of developing this site. PTA Bank has procured an Iconic design concept from a leading firm of Architects and would like to complete the formation of the core project consulting team by hiring the following consulting firms:
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
Interested firms should meet the following requirements:
1. Statutory Requirements/ Capacity
  • Evidence of due registration with relevant professional bodies.
  • Evidence of due registration with relevant statutory bodies.
  • Evidence of capacity to practice in Kenya.
  • Evidence of adequate professional indemnity risk cover.
2. Technical Requirements/Capacity
  • Evidence of adequate experienced professionals and technicians with 4-5 active professionals available for the project and other support technicians and staff.
  • Evidence of professional dynamism and ability to solve problems creatively and innovatively.
  • Evidence of requisite professional exposure and general technical awareness.
  • Evidence of capacity to deliver under demanding timelines and deadlines.
3. Requisite Experiences/Capacity
  • Evidence of recent (ongoing/current to 10 years) successful experiences in corporate buildings and other commercial office developments of at least 8-10 levels with basements, lifts etc.
  • Evidence of successful experiences with latest technological developments and trends.
  • Evidence of experiences with green building and sustainable building systems.
4. Qualitative requirements
  • Evidence of an unblemished professional record (ethical conduct and integrity)
  • Any other capacity/quality the firm may wish to make known.
Interested firms are requested to submit the following:
  • Their duly updated profiles with their website links labeled “Profiles”
  • Letters of reference from Clients, Architects and Project managers of relevant projects.
  • “Submission Document” (not more than 10 pages) answering to requirements (1-4) outlined above.
  • Submission documents are to be delivered in 3 HARD copies plus a soft copy in a CD/Flash Disk duly labeled, sealed and marked EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR BUILDING PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING FIRMS (Civil/Structural Engineering, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Environmental Impact Assessment, depending on professional service applied for) on or before 15th May 2016 at 3.30 pm, addressed to: EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICAN TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT BANK (PTA BANK), 197 LENANA PLACE, LENANA ROAD, FIRST FLOOR, P.O. BOX 48596-00100 NAIROBI KENYA; Tel. (+254) (20) 2712250/ 0732 192 000
Disclaimers:PTA Bank reserves the right to independently verify listed clients and projects. PTA Bank is not obliged to give reason for not selecting any firm. PTA Bank reserves the right to discontinue this process without reference to any entity.
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