Sandvik seeks:
Rock Tools Assistant
The role
Sandvik is currently looking for two Rock Tools Technicaians to perform all necessary daily activities that are associated with servicing of a Sandvik rock tools supply contract, including compliance with all relevant operating procedures and policies, work scopes and contract documents. The role will be based at our client's mine site at Mountisa.
Key Performance areas
  • Performance the daily delivery services of propduct to each drill site.
  • Remove all worn and damaged rock tools from the drills sites.
  • Analyse the condition and/ or failures and discuss with the operators.
  • Replenish circuit stock on each rig to the establish levels.
  • Complete analysis of failed product and report any abonrmalities to the product Support Manager &/or Sales Representative.
  • Perform the sorting, gauging, cutting back, grinding nad colour coding of used drills bits
  • Perform the refurbushment of blocked and bent drill rods.
Your profile
    • Minimum 2 years
    • Experience working with DTH,Top Hammer or Similar workingf under ground.
    • Strong safety commitment
    • Excellent customer service
    • Communication Skills
    • An understanding of on-site maintenance contracts
    • Must be familar with Sandvik information system and methodologies
    • Foster continued good relations with all client staff.
    Dar es Salaam
    Who may apply
    • Tanzanian Nationals
    • Must have a current and valid Tanzanian driver’s license
    • Must be 18 years or older
    • Must be fluent in English(read and write)
    • Must have no previous convictions or criminal record
    • Must be Safety orientated
    How to apply
    Please apply online through PeopleSoft (ESS).
    Applications close: 06 May 2016
    Job Reference No: 343920
    Recruiter: Thandeka Mathebula
    Sandvik is committed to respresentivity in the composition of its employees and the creation of job opportunities across all sectors of the Tanzanian population.
    Deadline: 6 May
    Job-ID: 343920
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