This position requires a very high level of organization and attention to detail, a strong work ethic, intuition, and the ability to manage and prioritize Child-friendly legal aid services Applicant should exhibit compassion and professionalism when communicating with children and other clients, such as parents and employers ,volunteer legal aid providers and attorneys, magistrates, Child protection teams, police gender desk, social workers and other staff at the Drop in centres and community partners, etc. should be able to possess strong computer skills, including proficiency with Microsoft Office and understanding of database administration. Excellent in English and Kiswahili oral and written communication skills .This position is a full-time. Applicant must be comfortable to work in Drop in centre environment and ready for field work for mobile legal aid services in the district and out skirt of Mwanza

The person in this position will provide intensive, legal aid services at Mwanza drop in centre for child domestic workers project and in the community through mobile services
• Answering incoming calls, reviewing messages and responding to queries from child domestic workers, trafficked children , employers and working partners
•Screening troubled child domestic workers clients to determine eligibility for quick and accurate services
•Receive referrals from the Organisation staff, Victim Legal Assistance Network established ,partners, social service organizations, shelters, and the community etc.
• Assist victims of child trafficking , harzadous domestic work to the civil legal system by screening appropriately children in need and making appropriate referrals to civil legal systems other partners and other community resources
• Creating and maintaining a organizational guide for children trafficked for child domestic work and attend them in special clinics established in the community
• Creating and maintaining records for all CDW cases, including entry of data into organization data base
• Providing legal support to para legal and legal aid volunteers from SAUT University
• Assessing the risk of future abuse of children in the household, evaluating safety of children and identify interventions that can reduce risks to children •
•Participate in giving seminars, attending group discussions with KIWOHEDE staff members, attending classes with the children whereby children will be taught their rights.
•Monitoring document/evidence gathering for cases and • Drafting and file petitions and defend cases
Carefully look individually each child’s best interest and guide them on case planning and management
•Assist with data compilation Preparing case summaries for referrals and disseminating to magistrates
•Assist with scheduling and other administrative needs ,collaborate with Police, Gender desk and Paralegals.
•Ensure guaranteed and available services at all times
•Ensuring delivery of service at a reasonable time, ensure quality reports of the cases, status of the case at all stages.

• A Lawyer who will work in this position will require a maximum education of a degree in law (LLB) from any recognized University with skills and experience in investigation, interviewing case filing representation , legal research, and office management.
•Experienced in team working , since the Lawyer, will be able to work with other staff at KIWOHEDE drop in centre , employers magistrates other law enforcers including police gender desk and child protection teams ,
•Must pass the bar exam at a law school recognized, to be able to file legal documents, appearing in court and arguing a case in a courtroom for the best interest of children .
• Knowledgeable in different types of law, such as juvenile and social justice will be an added value
• Also one should also possess above average communication skills since legal aides interact with attoreys, other legal personnel, and the public.


TERMS APPLIED TO ALL POSTS : The initial contract will be for one year for every position with an option to extend based on performance.
ALL Applications should be sent to jmwaituka@yahoo.co.uk remember to copy anthonlouism@gmail.com and katri@kiwohede.org . CROSSING DATE will be on 8th April 2016 at 4:00 PM EA Hours
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