•Will be responsible to deal with all issues of Case management and its system but specifically each individual social worker will be assigned a specific tasks also they ,
•Will be responsible to assist children trafficked and ended being child domestic workers to benefit from a multidisciplinary and participatory approach, which will improve psychosocial care and recovery services.
•In charge of counseling and Rehabilitation services at a drop in center and work closely with network organization’s for Referral, recovery, reintegration and legal protection services.
Be able to build a good network, which involves a key duty bearers, to render services that safe guard a child as per organization and national child protection policies and priorities to strengthen child welfare and protection at the centre
•Work closely with child domestic workers employers and hold meetings at the drop in centers and engaging key stakeholders in all aspects of the protection and rehabilitation
Arrange for Child participation in all project activities as an important aspect to ensure the best interests of the child
•Carry out an individual case assessment to determine needs, develop an individual care and protection plan, and refer the child to appropriate services depending on the needs
Participate to organize trainings

Social welfare officer 2nd Post
• Will deal directly with Child domestic workers, who have identified and brought to the center, counsel, and plan for her case management, receive emergence call, visit CDWs house, get in contact with employers, rescue and help those in crisis to reach to the centre
•Provider of social counselling and rehabilitative assistance for the child victim for social reintegration and possible family reunification
• Responsible to assistance during legal/court process to identified CDWs who needs legal aid, Prepare and submit to children’s courts social work case, through the center legal aid officer
• Responsible to develop child plan with case assessments and recommendations focusing on the best interests of the child, advise with emphasis on child-friendly procedures and ensure that children’s best interests are represented during court hearings to avoid re-victimization
• Responsible to get involved in government strategies developed policies including code of conduct and child laws, and monitor implementation at district levels
• Responsible to establish and maintain relationships with child protection special law enforcement units for the purpose of investigating CDWs cases, rescuing victims and rehabilitation such as Interpol, Immigration, police gender desk, and child protection teams.
• Responsible to Work closely with employers, legal aid officer, and other NGOs to facilitate safe services for CDWs.
• Responsible to Organize CDWs workers educational, and recreation activities at the centre
•Responsible to Organize safe stay for rescued child domestic workers at the center and plan her reintegration processes
• Responsible to sscort identified CDWs

Social welfare officer 3rd Post
• This social worker with collaboration other social workers and project coordinator will be responsible for outreach activities reaching out to target beneficiaries ,families, employer’s, and private sector
• Responsible to conduct house visit and Determine children who will need secondary prevention, who are at risk of being victims of trafficking especially those from poor families , recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular child or family liaising with, and making referrals to, other NGOs or to a drop in center in respective wards
•Responsible to establish children’s out of school clubs, organize meetings with school based committees quarterly ,keeping accurate records for the school clubs activities and school committees
• Responsible to Identify CDWs or children at risk to child trafficking perform counselling and career guidance. Facilitate accessibility to schools, vocational training and other reintegration of the child into the community and make follow ups for Vocational Education and training
Participating in a child protection and most vulnerable children teams and meetings at ward/village development quarterly meetings whenever necessary and share with the local authorities issues for example, child protection and referral mechanisms
•Responsible to Participate in the radio programs, training’s supervisions and teams meetings, maintaining accurate records on the returning children, preparing reports for legal action, giving evidence in court whenever necessary
• Responsible to visit the private companies and liaising with them to establish partnership in order for them to effectively support efforts to child domestic workers project and organize collaborative fund raising activities
•Responsible to ensure Effective measures to review organizational child protection policy and encourage other NGOs to use their child protection policies which suits the national guidelines and effectively share the code of conduct to protect CDWs in collaboration with the project coordinator and the management
•Responsible to escort children identified for family reunification

•Minimum Bachelor's Degree in development studies or social sciences, Minimum of 2 years’ working experience in similar field,
•Having sound and practical knowledge in the field Combating - Child labor in field of child Trafficking for Child Domestic Work and about its preventive measures, approaches and methodologies,
•Good interpersonal and networking skills to create a favorable working environment and to get instant support from/in local communities, Familiar in coordination with District Level Government Departments, Officials, other local level concern stakeholders and other organizations,
•A very good communication and correspondence skills with good spoken Kiswahili and English,
•Ability to plan and organize work effectively and deal with multiple tasks simultaneously,
Familiar with village set up in remote areas and spending time with rural people,
Should have good working knowledge on Microsoft Office Programmes
•knowledgeable on handling cases on child trafficking and child domestic work and facilitating the victims,
• Passionate helping at risk, victimized, poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable children in community.
•Good team worker, able to conduct outreach work in remote areas secured environment and work closely with a small team


TERMS APPLIED TO ALL POSTS : The initial contract will be for one year for every position with an option to extend based on performance.
ALL Applications should be sent to jmwaituka@yahoo.co.uk remember to copy anthonlouism@gmail.com and katri@kiwohede.org .

CROSSING DATE will be on 8th April 2016 at 4:00 PM EA Hours
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