The monitoring, and evaluation (M/E) officer will support efforts to KIWOHEDE and TDH-NL to assess the outputs, outcomes and impact of the Child Domestic Workers project . The M/E Officer will report directly to the Project coordinator and the Executive director and share report with TDH-NL M/E data officer in regards to Child Workers project
KIWOHEDE in collaboration with Terre’s des homes-NL has, defined indicators for the key variables in the project, and developed data collection instruments and tools... This position offers the exciting opportunity to engage M/E in promoting child rights and a social justice to vulnerable children for trafficking and hazardous domestic work in an early stage of the project some trainings will be conducted to individual M/E project officer to gain knowledge and skills for them to bring and develop evidence based results through accurate and appropriate data
Key areas of interest in child domestic workers project will include the M/E working closely and collaboratively with all key project officers , assessing and verifying data ,build the capacity of local structures orientation of data collection tools to the supportive to the project such as peer educators, school teachers, and CDWs in groups

The key responsibilities will include, and go in line with project Specific objectives and will be subjected to change annually as part of the work planning process.
- Assist the Project coordinator in data collection monitoring, and evaluation activities to generate information in support of the fulfillment of the project objectives and indicators
- Provide support and training to programs staff and partner organizations on monitoring, reporting and evaluation
- Provide technical assistance for adaptation and use of tools to other project partners in the community and other co- staff
-Support partners with work planning that includes SMART objectives, goals and outcomes that use evaluation results
-Provide support to development of rapid assessment tools with other staff, develop messages in particular for fundraising with private sector partners using raw data and assisting if data dissemination of the project and study
-Analyze monitoring, survey and other evaluation data, using quantitative analysis approaches as well as mixed-methods techniques
-Participates in internal learning and reflection sessions within the Drop in centre and Support development, revision, and implementation of data collection tools
-Assist in creation of data collection training and guidance materials
and tools Manage monitoring and evaluation data, including creation of databases
-Provide supervision and support to students, interns and volunteers and assist them in the creation of internal reports for learning, donor reports for accountability, and external publications to share findings with policy makers and others in the human rights and international development field
-Manage the monitoring and evaluation activities and provide administrative support to KIWOHEDE and TDH-NL with all issues related to data collection with close collaboration with a project coordinator.
-The M/E officer may be expected to travel to the project implementation sites, KIWOHEDE Hqs or other areas which she/he might b e assigned

The ideal M/E Officer candidate will have:
-A graduate degree in a relevant field
-At least 1-2 years relevant experience
-Experience with data cleaning and data analysis
-Experience in working with Government Officials Social welfare office, Youth, Education, Justice, Police, and community development departments
-Proficiency in a statistical software package such as SPSS, STATA, or SAS
-Ability to speak and read English and Kiswahili
-Ability to contribute constructively to a team oriented and mutually supportive organizational culture
Other valuables
-Knowledge of child trafficking and Child domestic work and child labour
-Ability to lead in maintaining and updating databases at a drop in center (DIC) for Child domestic workers
-Able to assist and provide technical assistance to other project’s staffs within the district in collaboration with project coordinator
-Able to to ensure that Data collection is carried out quarterly according to TDH-NL-KIWOHEDE guidelines and that recommendations following the site visits are implemented
-Experienced in training and supervising data entry from other collaborators in particular social workers, peer educators, teachers, and economics groups, to ensure timely data entry, cleaning on a routine basis, generation of data queries and routine progress reports
-Experienced in preparing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports on supported project areas.
-Experience in developing and responding to queries related to data analysis
-Ability to Collect information, managing target beneficiary, data collection and entry, activity execution and follow up.
Set mode of evaluation package in collaboration with target beneficiaries.
-Ability to Provide regularly updated reports on the status of implementation of the planned activities to KIWOHEDE, Wards and TDH-NL.
-Ability to Identify project achievements and challenges.
Measure project performance against objectives and provide indicators of progress.
NB: These duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time in the sole discretion of the Employer, subject to formal notification of same being provided to the Employee.


TERMS APPLIED TO ALL POSTS : The initial contract will be for one year for every position with an option to extend based on performance.
ALL Applications should be sent to jmwaituka@yahoo.co.uk remember to copy anthonlouism@gmail.com and katri@kiwohede.org . CROSSING DATE will be on 8th April 2016 at 4:00 PM EA Hours
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