The Project coordinator is a key position to implement child domestic workers project in order to prevent child trafficking and raise awareness on hazardous child domestic work working closely with Local Government Authorities ,Social welfare, community development, judiciary ,police gender desk, ,district child protection teams, Most vulnerable child committees, child labour committees, Schools and community based organization’s ,NGOs, CBOs. he will be working in close relationship with individuals from the above structures as well as Teachers, Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Child/Youth Clubs, ward and village development committees, social welfare and community development, and youth departments, employers, legal officers and institutions such as SAUT, Women's Group and other organization’s working in the similar field. Another key responsibility of this position. Is to organiZe a rapid assessment/small scale baseline study on child Trafficking and child domestic work in Mwanza region and community

• Minimum Bachelor's Degree in development studies or social sciences,
• Minimum of 2 years’ working experience in similar field,
• having sound and practical knowledge in the field Combating - Child labour in field of child Trafficking for Child Domestic Work
And about its preventive measures, approaches and methodologies,
• Good interpersonal and networking skills to create a favorable working environment and to get instant support from/in local communities,
• Familiar in coordination with District Level Government Departments, Officials, other local level concern stakeholders and other organizations,
• A very good communication and correspondence skills with good spoken Kiswahili and English,
• Composure, flexible and having proven problem solving and organizational skills,
• Good team worker, able to conduct outreach work in remote areas secured environment and work closely with a small team,
• Ability to plan and organise work effectively and deal with multiple tasks simultaneously,
• Familiar with village set up in remote areas and spending time with rural people,
• Should have good working knowledge on Microsoft Office Programmes
• Having knowledge on handling cases on child trafficking and child domestic work and facilitating the victims,
• Passionate helping at risk, victimised, poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable children in community.

• Play a key coordination and facilitation role to plan, design, work plans
• Visit rural areas, villages, schools and meeting with women's group, families, NGOs/CBOs and assess the real situation of child trafficking and child domestic work in villages and towns.
• Organise and prepare environment for rapid assessment on child trafficking for child domestic work in Mwanza region (Magu ,Sengerema, Misungwi, Ilemela and Nyamagana districts )share findings’ with key stakeholders and Plan for immediate response where needed and design a long-term plan of intervention,
• Provide strong support to legal aid officers to reach out to the victim to file case against abusive CDW employers and arrangement of immediate rescue for CDWs in crisis and other immediate supports,
• Lead social workers to prepare individual care plan of rescued, reunited and supported children/youths and visit them and their family in a regular schedule and monitor their progress and update their individual file regularly,
• Formulate child community clubs, work closely with child protection teams and MVCC where necessary and work closely with them to track any activity in community. Equip and orient them about prevention and protection, of children at risk to trafficking and CDW
• Build a strong and close coordination within Drop in center and project in Mwanza also work closely with District Level Government Departments, Officials and other local level concern wards ,
• Coordinate or conduct various sessions and events on anti-trafficking and hazardous child domestic work awareness raising working with community members children, parents, schools, ward leaders etc.,
• Build and maintain good relationship with local government, local communities and other stakeholders in the Districts and ensure that the execution of programme activities is done in close coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders involved,
• Establish teamwork among all team members and ensuring that all activities within the programme will be carried out exactly in line with the organisation's core objectives,
• Ensure that all the legal formalities and compliances have fulfilled and the documentation part
• Prepare project visits, supervise the project activities and carry out regular monitoring visits,
• Assist the M/E to prepare and keep up-to-date database of every Case, children, project activities and record of every single activity performed and present it as needed,
• Prepare and update the information of all the direct beneficiaries, stakeholders, working partners, concern departments, officials and other correlated organizations’ in the area,
• Coordinate with local authorities and NGOs especially detecting trafficking activities, traffickers and act immediately in order to save the lives of children who ends up in Child domestic work ,
• Make sure incidents have been recorded in case files and properly maintained,
• Work in close contact with the organization executive director and seek any support whenever necessary
• Develop case studies and success stories for the project area,
• Preparation of work plan, monitoring calendar and make sure of its proper implementation,
• Prepare quarterly progress reports in timely manner submit to KIWOHEDE Headquarters and TDH-NL.


TERMS APPLIED TO ALL POSTS : The initial contract will be for one year for every position with an option to extend based on performance.
ALL Applications should be sent to jmwaituka@yahoo.co.uk remember to copy anthonlouism@gmail.com and katri@kiwohede.org . CROSSING DATE will be on 8th April 2016 at 4:00 PM EA Hours
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