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Job Description
The Retail Sales Manager is responsible for leading, organizing, motivating and providing resources for the development and attainment of business goals and objectives for the Retail /Network channel
Specifically, the holder of this position:
  • Participates in the definition and implementation of the Retail Sales Strategy. He is responsible for the definition of the targets for the retail staff. Evaluates and monitors the performance of the territory managers to defined retail objectives and targets.
  • Coordinates the implementation of the Retail management system. He is responsible for ensuring that the retail management team (i.e. The Retail Territory Manager) implements and enforces the Retail Management system in the network.
  • Organizes and coordinates the effort to promote company brand image and implement the TOTAL quality program on the Retail Channel. He is responsible for ensuring that the network training team trains staff at the station, evaluates and monitors the performance of the station management and staff to promote the company brand image and provide quality services at the station.
  • Participates in product pricing on the network. He is responsible for reviewing and setting Retail (station) prices on the network to ensure that the channel is profitable. He reviews the Cost prices Versus Competitor prices versus company margin objectives.
  • Reviews the profitability of the Retail Channel. He is responsible for reviewing the profitability of each of the stations with his Territory Manager. This is based on the annual Revenues and Expenses per site.
  • He proposes to the Network Manager the Profit and Loss account of each station dealer. This is to be prepared in conjunction with the relevant Territory Manager and the Dealer himself.
  • Participates in the organization of Marketing Activities on the network. He is responsible for organizing and following up the marketing activities directed to the network.
  • Participates and coordinates efforts towards prospecting for sites with good potential for future investments. Contributes to identifying of potential sites.
  • Participates in the identification, selection, and performance management of station dealers. He is involved from Recruitment to termination of the dealer. Through the reports from the Territory Managers he reviews the performance of each dealer to ensure that they meet the company objectives and targets.
  • Review the credit worthiness and follows up on outstanding dues of station dealers. While the Territory Mangers are directly accountable for the outstanding of their respective dealers, the Retail Sales Manager is accountable for total amount outstanding and regularly evaluates the level of risk the company has with regards to each dealer.
  • Coordinates the effort of ensuring safety in the station. He is responsible for coordinating the effort of ensuring that the safety procedures are implemented and enforced by the Territory Managers at different stations in their territories.
  • Participates and Coordinates in the effort towards growing the Diversification activity. He is involved in the development and implementation of the strategy towards the Diversification activity. Through the Marketing and Diversification teams he streamlines the operations of the shops and monitors the growing of revenues received from these.
  • During changeover of management from company owned dealer operated sites (CODO) to company owned company operated sites (COCO) he supervises the Site Managers and assures that the handovers are done according to company procedures.
  • Supervises closely and controls the COCO site Stations Managers who report to him directly.
Candidate profile
  • Bachelor degree in Business related subjects.
  • Good communication Skills and interpersonal skills
  • Innovator
  • Trainer
  • Leadership skills
Removal Date

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