FURSA ZA KAZI NSSF - MWISHO 10th November, 2016

TENDER NO. PA/004/2016-2017/HQ/CS/13

National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and PPF in collaboration with the Government have worked
out and resolved to jointly develop Mkulazi Farm No. 217 into agricultural park and its related
Infrastructures located in Mkulazi Ward in Morogoro (Rural) District within Morogoro Region.

The project site has 63,000 hectares potential land for crop production, of which 40,000 hectares
and 20,000 hectares are earmarked for sugarcane and paddy crops production respectively while
3,000 hectares are for out-growers. To develop the said project site a number of activities needed to
be done i.e., Road maintenance, soil survey, dam construction etc.

In the implementation of the project, the parties have already set up a Special Purpose Vehicle
(SPV) known as Mkulazi Holdings Company Limited (MHCL). Mkulazi Holding Company Limited is hereby seeking the Consultancy services to undertake feasibility study for the development of
Mkulazi Farm.

The General objective of this assignment is to conduct a feasibility study in order to establish a
nancial viability of the above mentioned project and to determine its NPV, IRR and Payback Period.
The consultant is expected to identify and analyze the soil pro les available in order to design a
comprehensive plan of the farm, by identifying land suitable for sugarcane cultivation and for other
crops such as paddy, sorghum etc.

The Consultant will advise on the type of irrigation system to be used whether in farm water
storage capacity for irrigation is required, eld infrastructure such as water canals and roads,
electricity, ood protection etc.

The consultant will propose a suitable sugarcane varieties to be used, provide detailed information
about key processing sugar equipment and irrigation equipment and capacity of such equipment.

On the basis of the above and pursuant to section 42 (1) of the Public Procurement Act, 2011, the
Company (MHCL) has contracted the Fund (NSSF) to provide Procurement Services on its behalf in
accordance with the PPA Act, 2011.

On Behalf of MHCL, the Board of Trustees of National Social Security Fund invites quali ed
consultants to express their interest in providing the required services.

Interested rms must submit relevant information indicating their quali cations for performing the
required services. Information required shall include but not limited to the following:

Certi ed copies of original registration documents de ning legal status of the Firms, Principal
 Place of Business, Business License, TIN Certi cate, VAT Certi cate;
• Certi ed copies of Registration by relevant Bodies or Authorities;
• Company Pro le indicating the shareholders;
• Experience in similar consultancy services for Preparation of Feasibility Study in agricultural
• Description of at least three projects of similar nature performed in the previous ve years;
• For each project performed, the consultant must provide the name and address of the client,
 date(s) of execution, name(s) of lead association rms;
• Availability of appropriate skills among key sta accompanied with professional certi cates and
 latest updated CVs

Consultants may associate to enhance their capabilities.

A consultant will be selected in accordance with the Public Procurement (Goods, Works, Non
Consultant Services, Consultancy Services and Disposal of Public Assets by Tender) Regulations,
2013–Government Notice No. 446 of 20th December 2013.

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 8.00am to
5.00pm, from Monday to Friday inclusive except on Public Holidays.

Expression of interest must be delivered to Director General, NSSF, 16th Floor of Benjamin William
Mkapa Pension Towers (Tower B), Azikiwe Street, Dar es Salaam on or before Thursday, 10th November, 2016 at 3.00pm, clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Provision of Consultancy Services for Preparation of Feasibility Study on Development of Mkulazi Farm”.

Expressions of Interest will be opened immediately after the deadline for submission in public and
in the presence of applicants’ representatives who choose to attend the opening ceremony at NSSF
Conference Room, 16th Floor, Benjamin William Mkapa Pension Towers (Tower B), Azikiwe Street, Dar es Salaam.

Telegraphic, Telefax and Electronic applications will not be accepted. Applications not received and
not opened in public at the bids opening ceremony shall not be accepted for evaluation
irrespective of any circumstances.

Director General
National Social Security Fund
Benjamin William Mkapa Pension Towers (Tower B), Azikiwe Street
P. O. Box 1322, Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Tel: +255 22 2163400-19, Fax: +255 22 2400034
E-mail: tender@nssf.or.tz

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