Operations Director - NOKIA

Independently manage customer operations with high risk and complexity ensuring good profitability and quality. Ensure customer satisfaction with delivery and implementation of services. Has overall profit and loss responsibility for the project. The Network Operations Director is responsible for strategic considerations regarding Network Operations for customer’s network operations in Tanzania.
He/she will manage the budged for the network operations project and drive personnel planning along with cost efficiency. He/she is accountable for the profitably success of the network operations .
In addition, he/she will facilitate the necessary training and knowledge transfer between Nokia expats and local personnel as well as the customer’s network operations personnel if needed. In this regards he/she is responsible for the recruitment of the needed resources within the country and Expats.
He/she will be the main interface to the customers for any Network Operations related issue. Manages operations ensuring good profitability by efficient cost controlling and resource management. Provides leadership and manages large project teams effectively. Acts as primary project interface to the customer ensuring good customer satisfaction and developing the customer relationship. Shares operational experience and best practices, knowledge of project management processes, tasks and tools with other project managers. Plans and manages internal and external resources. Is responsible for internal and external operations reporting. Represents the customer's requirements back to Nokia/account team to anticipate new business opportunities. Job Description: Network Operations Business Manager has end to end accountability for Operational Delivery Projects with attributes:
  • Project Type: B and lower
  • SB Project Value /STP: >€15M
  • Risk: High or lower
  • Strategic Impact: Medium to High
  • Project Phase: All
  • Project Duration Unlimited
  • Operational Impact: High
  • Mission
  • Accountable for delivering the entire scope of customer operational delivery and products and services - to the customer within the assigned area of responsibility.
  • Main responsibilities on E2E planning and management of financial and operational performance.
  • Ensures operational management based on PMI principles and in full alignment with NSN MoO and applicable BL guidelines
  • Summary Of Key Activities
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Managing financial and non-financial Performance
  • Contribution to Service Business/Solution Creation
  • Operational Management Planning
  • Monitoring and Controlling Operational Execution
  • Updating of the Operational Set-up/Transition and Transformation Plans
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Leading the Network Operations Team
  • Closure and handovers
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer Loyalty Index
  • Gross Margin GM
  • Project Cost Adherence PCA
  • Operational Service Levels
  • Key Activity Descriptions
    Customer Relationship Management
  • Develops/Contributes to long term Customer Relationship strategy
  • Establishes and maintains good customer relationship by e.g.
  • Ensuring all relevant information is communicated proactively to the customer
  • Regular meeting practices are maintained and agreed actions are reliably followed-up
  • Managing financial and non-financial Performance
  • Driving for continuous efficiency improvement by e.g.
  • Project Cost Adherence (PCA) management
  • Optimizing operational service delivery performance (Service Levels, e.g. Network Availability, MTTR)
  • Ensuring efficient claim management
  • Aim to improve revenue and GM by e.g. capturing up-selling opportunities by effective Change Management
  • Contribution to Service Business/Solution Creation
  • Contributes in identifying and creating business opportunities
  • Contributes to pre-sales and sales/tendering processes
  • Contributes to the development of the service business
  • Due Diligence/Operational Setup/Transition Planning
  • Ensures Project Target Agreement** (PTA) process takes place at Gate 6
  • Validates PTA** contents
  • Plans operational business management based on PMI principles and processes (initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, close) as well as Business Line global guidelines
  • Leads the customization of global e2e operational processes to operational requirements (e.g. network operations processes, spares parts management process, acceptance process etc.) and ensures it is aligned with NSN MoO
  • Ensures contract management process is initiated and integrated with Operational Management processes, operational processes and NSN Contract Management policies
  • Monitoring & Controlling Operational Execution
  • Monitors & controls
  • the operational targets against the PTA**
  • Applicable PMI Project Management processes required for business management e.g. time management, cost management, scope management, quality etc., including e.g.
  •  ensures sufficient operational visibility to relevant stakeholders (e.g. PMO, Customer) through specific tools
     participation to periodic reviews e.g. Review Meetings
  • execution of operational processes in line with MS Operations Model, NSN MoO and applicable BL guidelines
  • KPIs to the level specified in Service Level Agreements
  • execution of the contract management process
  • adherence to applicable official guidelines, handbooks and instructions
  • Updating of the Operational Set-up ,Transition and Transformation Plans
  • Continuously and proactively adapt s Operational Setup, Transition and Transformation plans to reflect the changing environment (Within the lifecycle of the plans)
  • Risk Management
  • Identify and analyze risks and opportunities.
  • Plan and implement risk response actions.
  • Ensure risks actively monitored and managed and risk management plan updated
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Managing the expectations of Network Operations stakeholders, e.g.
  • customer
  • operational organization
  • subcontractors
  • 3rd party vendors (multi-vendor partners)
  • CT team
  • Other Service BL’s (Care, NPO,NI)
  • Setting up and maintaining clear and effective internal and external communication within the project stakeholders
  • Leading the Network Operations* Organization
  • Organize and lead the Network Operations organization.
  • People management (perform line management responsibilities**) e.g.
  • on-boarding/off-boarding people
  • manage performance, competence development
  • Disengagement
  • Ensures contractual requirements completed
  • Ensures optimal disengagement of the Operational Resources
  • Closes the Operational Delivery (e.g. collect lessons learnt, post calculations, document PTA** completion,)
  • where applicable
  • Business Line Specific Task And Processes Are Described In Detailed
    Due Diligence Handbook
    Operational Setup Mgt Handbook
    Transition Handbook
    Transformation Handbook
    Disengagement Mgt Handbook
    MS Operations Model

    Network Operations Business Manager is assumed to have all Service Delivery Management competences in place. SBM target core competences (add link).

    Additional Requirements: Leadership qualities The candidate should have a minimum of a university master degree in Telecommunications, Computer Science or equivalent experience in technical or business fields.
    A minimum of 10+ year's network operations experience in both fixed and mobile networks in multiple international environments.
    At least 3-5 year in large international Operations center and extensive experience with umbrella management systems such as Net Cool, HP Openview or NetAct. 10 years management experience managing teams of more than 30 subordinates. Past experience in managing and being responsible budgets in excess of R100mil both cost control and profitability.
    2-3 years of sales support experience in managed service including value based argumentation and operations cost modeling.
    Due diligence experience covering at least a due diligence study of a large operator would be a good value add.

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