Systems Administrator JOB AT VODACOM TANZANIA

System Acquisition & Project Management
Acquire and Maintain PPFE Infrastructure such as servers, software and connectivity
Setting and maintaining PPFE Policies and Procedures
Manage changes to the systems via change management.
Manage User requirements for any product development.
Control the security part, minimize risk and be able to analyse all logs of the environment and provide relevant feedback to management on daily and ad-hoc basis

System Management
Manage performance and capacity of PPFE infrastructure.
Ensure all records in the system are administered and maintained correctly
Ensure continuous service with high availability and minimum disruption
Ensure systems security by safeguarding against unauthorized access on all backend of systems.
Ensure that all daily / weekly / monthly security/ad-hoc reports from PPFE systems comply to VTL policy on systems security.
Manage PPFE infrastructures configuration by accounting for all components
Manage the PPFE network facilities including the server racks, power and network cables
Manage systems problems and incidents. Performing corrective action and/or escalating to suppliers.
Perform maintenance functions commensurate with own technical knowledge and skills as and when required.
Ensure that source codes are secured and adheres to VTL policies by safeguarding against unauthorized access and modification on all backend of systems.
System Operations
Configuration of login scripts, user passwords, access rights
Configuration of product and services into the system
Assist all personnel on sight with technical matters and perform maintenance functions commensurate with own technical knowledge and skills as and when required.
Make sure that daily backup is executed and documented
Manage the high end (root /Administrator etc.) environment users and passwords

System Monitoring
Monitoring & analysing the processes utilization in the PPFE infrastructures (database & OS)
Benchmarking the PPFE system parameters so as to assess the response time on transactions
Ensure the Performance/forecast report and measure are done on weekly/monthly basis
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