Graduate Trainee at Total Tanzania

 Health, Safety, Environment and Quality - Graduate Trainee


Conduct in house safety awareness training to promote safety culture
Make a follow up of all HSEQ action arise from audit, inspection, safety tour, risk assessment, accident and near miss investigation
Organize and conduct fire drill at Head Office
Compile monthly POB nad send to Head Office
Set HSE objectives and target which ensure continuous improvement in terms of HSEQ standards
Organize/conduct prevention plan for project works and major maintenance at service stations
Participate in accident investigation
Register events report in Ramses
Prepare HSEQ statistics report every month
Prepare and provide in house safety training to staff
Promote near miss reporting and application of stop card
Conduct safety inspection of Head Office
Safety inspection at service stations
Candidate profile Qualifications / experience required

Position requires a technical degree in HSSE Management systems and strengths in occupational health, safety and environment

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