Offshore Minerals Legal Adviser

Location: Kiribati
Closing date: 11 May 2016
Contract duration: 2 years

Emoluments package

The proposed annual emoluments package for this assignment [comprising fee, inducement allowance plus service gratuity] is £51,000 per year (free of tax). In addition to this, a housing allowance, education allowances, installation grant and shipment of personal effects are also provided.


Kiribati faces offshore mineral management challenges in three key areas, comprising: deep-sea mineral activities within national jurisdiction; Exploitation of aggregates (shallow sand and gravel); and sponsorship of deep-sea mineral activities within international jurisdiction.
In each of these areas there are potentially lucrative and development-promoting opportunities which Kiribati as an LDC/SIDS is keen to engage. This process has however been stalled by limited legal and technical expertise, limited human capacity, the lack of appropriate policy and legal frameworks, the absence of a well-fitting fiscal regime, and limited monitoring capabilities and options. This has left Kiribati without the ability to put in place appropriate frameworks alongside functional institutional capacities, to pursue these opportunities while effectively and sustainably managing their marine environment and natural capital.

Scope of Work

  • Output 1: Development of policy and legal frameworks, with advisory support
  • Output 2: Institutional and human capacity building
  • Output 3: Scoping further work on fiscal regime and licence monitoring options.

Experience & Qualifications

The successful candidate should possess the following experience and qualifications to be considered for this post:
Professional Experience
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience including one or more of the following:
  • Offshore minerals
  • Oceans / marine environment
  • Natural resources governance
  • Developing national policy and legislation
  • Advising governments
  • Small island developing States
  • Experience producing high quality policy documents and legislation for governments.
  • Ability to engage with a cross-section of stakeholders in the public sector, private sector and civil society.
  • Experience working internationally, across the Commonwealth and with Small Island Developing States is desirable.
  • Excellent training and communication skills as well as the ability to communicate fluently in English (spoken and written);
  • Ability to engage with gender mainstreaming issues.
  • Adhere to the Gender Equality values of the Commonwealth as enshrined in the Charter and Secretariat’s Gender Equality Policy.
Please download/view the full Terms of Reference for this role before submitting your application.
To apply you must be a citizen of a Commonwealth member country.
Deadline for applications is 17:00 BST on 11 May 2016.
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