Jobs at ActionAid Tanzania - April 2016

ActionAid is looking for experienced development practitioners, who are committed to fight injustice together with our many partner organisations in the global South.
Inspirators are cross national placements of development practitioners with significant hands on experience, who have focus on development work. We are particularly seeking candidates with experience working within accounta-bility, campaign & lobby, tax justice and the human rights based approach. However, all candidates with relevant experience in the field of development are welcome to register.
We are looking for dedicated individuals, who would like to spend 3 to 9 months working in collaboration with one of ActionAid’s many partner organisations in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Middle East.
Inspirators are volunteer placements.
As an Inspirator, you would have your travel and accommodation expenses covered. You would also receive a living allowance to cover your costs of living while abroad and 400€ to cover some of the expenses you might have in your home country while abroad. Please, be aware that all allowances and subsidies are subject to local tax.
Why become an Inspirator?
Inspirator placements offer an excellent opportunity to learn and share experiences across national borders and cultures with likeminded organisations. It is a chance to gain international work experience, and perhaps even more “importantly, the opportunity to grow as a human being.
This experience was one I will never forget. ... I have learned some valuable lessons from this and hopefully those people I worked with and for, not only learned something, but will repeatedly apply and harness their learnings”
Who can become an Inspirator?
Inspirators are experienced development practitioners who are posted cross-nationally to work within a specific sub-ject field relevant to the governance themes with which ActionAid is working.
Required qualifications for registration on the Inspirator Roster:
  • At least 5 years of paid or voluntary work experience
  • At least 3 years of paid or voluntary work experience within a specific subject area
  • Paid or voluntary work experience from developing countries
  • Voluntary work experience required
  • Strong sense of solidarity and volunteerism
  • Facilitation and motivational skills
  • Personal drive and motivation to become an Inspirator
All inspirators are selected from a database called the Inspirator roster, so the first step to become an Inspirator is to register in the Inspirator Roster. The Inspirator Roster is open to applicants from all countries. If you cannot find your nationality on the list, please simply click “other”. Interested candidates can apply online at: http://ims.actionaid.dk
Please visit our website http://www.ms.dk/en/what-we-do/capacity-development/inspirators for more information about Inspirators, including videos showcasing examples of Inspirator work and overall requirements. 
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