About us:
International Transformation Foundation (ITF) is a youth led non-profit organization providing youth educational and self development programs encompassing leadership and entrepreneurship to harness creativity for Youth system that provide jobs; offering security, opportunities to grow, and contribute to the development of our communities.
With coordination Secretariat in Nairobi, ITF is operating initiatives that connects youth with others rather than alienates them through youth social businesses to help themselves:
  1. Join the Pipe Project (Water kiosk at school): enabling community schools to set up onsite water kiosk with sepecialy designed tap station. Operated as school based and students managed business, it is both educational and profitable business providing everybody in the community with filtered Tap water at affordable price. See more https://youtu.be/5h5iyWHjYos
  2. 1 slum 100 computers Project: Providing free computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring to youths in eastern Nairobi slums and informal settlements, to be familiar enough with computer applications and design a profitable computer based social business. At completion, they receive loan package of basic equipments worth not exceeding ksh. 250000 to set up designed business plan. See morehttps://youtu.be/Chx6tVDAm2U
  3. Jijenge Kijana Fund: A youth Livelihood Pathway offering microcredit, micro- saving and training enabling ITF members to engage in productive and stable livelihoods of their choice.
  4. Leadership & Entrepreneurship Training: Consisting of Debate and workshop forums, giving east African youth life didactic principles with rigorous instructions that shove them to expand their boundaries of knowledge, molding them into great leaders and entrepreneurs.
Available Position
IT and Development Assistant; The ITF’s IT & Development Assistant leads the organization’s process to chart its course in Youth development. He/she is responsible for the technological direction of the organization and organizational development.
Basic Requirements:
  1. Passionate for youth and community development,
  2. Under 30 years old from any country,
  3. Relevant Educational background
  4. Strong volunteer work ethic.
Although ITF staffs enjoy limitless opportunities, ITF does NOT provide any kind of compensation. ITF Staffs operates on full time volunteer basis for a minimum of 3 months contract. They are responsible of all basic expenses such as home – office transportation, accommodation etc. ITF ONLY provide direct operational expenses such as Staff’s transportation to a meeting outside office, visit field operations etc.

Please if you’re not able to cover your volunteer term expenses as mentioned in above paragraph (Compensation) Kindly DO NOT SEND US YOUR APPLICATION, otherwise if you meet the basic requirements do complete this application form available on our website with the position you’re applying for in Application(Volunteer or Intern) box by 11th April 2016.
For any queries get in touch through volunteers@itfsecretraiat.org, Tel: +254770306839, @ITFSecretariat on Twitter or International Transformation Foundation on Facebook.
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