How could I work for UN?

How could I work for UN?
UN offers a variety of ways to join its workforce.
1. Young professionals programme (YPP). The YPP examination is held once a year and is open to nationals of countries participating in the annual recruitment exercise. Candidates must meet all basic application criteria. For details, please visit: https://careers.un.org/lbw/home.aspx?viewtype=NCE
2. UN regular jobs. if you do not meet the basic criteria for YPP, do not be upset! You may also apply for the UN regular jobs. UN regular jobs feature various majors, levels, and duty stations. It usually requires at least two years of related working experience to apply for UN regular jobs. For details, please visit: careers.un.org
3. UN internship. "I do not have enough working experience for regular jobs, but I still want to work for UN." Do not worry! UN internship could be a good start for you. Though it is unpaid, the UN internship experience definitely helps in your future careers, and you could also know people working for UN and learn from them. For details, please visit:careers.un.org
4. UN volunteer. if you want to be a volunteer on the field, please apply for UN volunteer! You must be 25 or older to apply for volunteering. For details, please visit: http://www.unv.org/
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