Warehouse Supervisor at World Vision Tanzania

Purpose of the position:
To oversee the receipt, storage and dispatch of commodities in the warehouse. To account for all commodities received in the warehouse. To ensure that warehouse is well maintained and meets safety and health standards. Organize and coordinate transportation of commodities in and out of the warehouse.
Observe mission and core values of World Vision and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

Key Roles and responsibilities:
Warehouse and commodity Management:
Overall in charge for all warehouse operation.
Ensure upkeep, standard of cleanliness and maintenance of warehouse. Cleaning must be done every day and thorough cleaning at least once a week, fumigation is organized and conducted as required.
Ensure proper accounting of all commodities received. Ensure trucks are inspected on arrival at the warehouse and commodities are counted, first on the truck, then during offloading into the warehouse and if need be at the stack. If any shortages, damages or excess promptly make notation on all copies of the delivery note/waybill.
Ensure that damaged/unfit commodities are kept separately. Arrange for the disposal of all commodities unfit for human consumption upon receipt of the necessary authorization. Ensure proper documentation of such activity in the proscribed form.
Ensure proper commodity packing: torn bags/leaking tins/cans must be segregated and reconstituted, repacked immediately before the waybill is signed acknowledging the receipt.
Ensure that commodities entering of leaving the warehouse have a delivery note/waybill duly signed by an authorized signatory.
Ensure that commodities are well stored and the warehouse is well maintained. Conduct daily/weekly/monthly physical counts of commodities in the warehouse and ensure that records are tallying with physical stocks.
Ensure proper storage of commodity on pallets. Ensure that all commodities are stacked by shipment, condition type, and package/weight and have updated stack cards.
Ensure that first in first out (FIFO) practice is followed at all times, except in the case of reconstituted commodities, use Last in First Out (LIFO) practice i.e. commodities received last must leave the warehouse first.
Periodically arrange for fumigation as needed.
Monitor commodity quality/quantity control.
Ensure that all mandatory warehouse items and equipments are available in the warehouse, fire extinguishers, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies and scales are accessible at all times.
Manage receipt and dispatch of commodities.
Conduct commodity audits on a regular basis.
Ensure security is reviewed regularly
Ensure loaders payments are prepared on time.
Prepare Daily/weekly/monthly reports commodity status reports for submission to the Commodity Tracking Officer/WFP/UNHCR
Maintain updated records (stacks cards, stock control sheets and warehouse ledger and reports (daily/weekly/monthly etc).
Ensure all relevant documents are maintained properly.
Ensure all records are maintained as per storage and commodity manual.
Conduct on the job training and refresher training of warehouse operations including commodity management storage and standards.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience
The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:
Possession of Advanced Diploma or a Bachelor Degree in Procurement and Supplies Management, Business Administration (major in Procurement and Supplies Management), or any other closely related fields.
Must have at least two years’ experience in warehousing management and inventory control.
Preferred experience in food items warehousing in refugee operations

Other required Competencies:

Ability to manage and organize issues related to transport and transporters.
Have good communication and public relations skills.
Have good mathematical and analytical skills.
Computer literacy is an added advantage.
Good understanding of World Vision and sphere standards.
Knowledge of and adherence of the Red Cross and NGO Code of Conduct.
Cross-cultural sensitivity, emotional maturity and physical stamina.
Ability to work in and contribute to team building environment.
Ability to build strong relationships with local communities, partners and government authorities.
Good English and communication skills (oral and written).
Ability to maintain performance expectation in diverse cultural context, psychologically stressful environment and physical hardship conditions with limited resources.
Commitment to World Vision Core Values and Mission statement.

Other Competencies/Attributes:
Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
Perform other duties as required and assigned by supervisor/management.

Working Environment / Conditions:

Work environment: Office-based with travel to the field.
Travel: 00 % Domestic/international travel is required.
On call: 05%.

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