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SOURCE: The Guardian 29 August 2016



Manages the Businessbanking segment in the country. Operates across the Commercial, SME,Trade,Vehicle & Asset Fiancing (VAF) as well as Agricultural Banking propositions.
To lead role on behalf of the Business Banking in the country to establish and promote synergies and integration across Business Units to ensure the efficiencies and economies of scale to achieve business objectives and competitive advantages.

Job Purpose

The head of Business Banking in country is responsible for setting customer strategy in country as well as the tactical execution of these strategies.
Support the country Director PBB by optimising the delivery of Business Banking strategies for all Business Banking segments ensuring that customer value propositions are operationalised and Business Banking targets (sales and financial) are achieved.
Developing and ensuring that customer value propositions are locally relevant, which includes segmentation criteria. Thereafter Influencing, facilitating and supporting the delivery of all Business Banking value propositions by developing and championing the consistent implementation of effective operating structures and best practices throughout the country.
Integrating and aligning Business, Segment and Human Resources (HR) management platforms in the country to ensure shared accountability for sustainable business growth and employee/ customer retention.
Plays a key role in identifying and developing product solutions.
Sets business banking budgets across all segments. This will require strong matrix management capabilities for all segments.
The Head of Business Banking need not retain line accountability for all business banking staff, however he/she retains functional accountability for the overall performance of the business banking portfolio. To optimise and grow market potential to realise business growth, by leveraging off relationships and resources.
Acts as the custodian of Business Banking in country and is accountable for the overall performance of Business banking (Financial, Sales, Service, Credit, Risk and Compliance)
The head of business banking provides the PBB head with a monthly report on business banking performance, including the following, financial results (balance sheet and income statement), sales, credit, service, HR, compliance.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Value Proposition Implementation:

The head of business banking is the custodian of all business banking CVP’s Segments and is responsible for the consistent implementation of business banking strategy in country.
Operationalise the strategic objectives of the various business segment
Supporting Regional Managers and Branch Management in the operationalising of strategic objectives of all the segments as well as communicating and implementing the Segment Initiatives.
Ongoing management and alignment of the Customer Value Propositions.
Build the necessary relationships and networks to ensure optimum delivery of the CVP’s. i.e. with Regional managers, PBB director, Credit, Private bank, VAF, CIB / Global market sales and other Business Partners and stakeholders.
Guiding and influencing the structuring of portfolios.
Supporting Line in the migration and re-alignment of portfolios to ensure, on an ongoing basis, the consistent application of the Value propositions in the country.
Review alignment of portfolio structures, on an ongoing basis.
Develop, enhance and analyse MIS platforms to provide relevant performance and local market data for planning, profitability and performance management purposes.
Supporting the attainment of business banking sales targets in terms of volume and value growth whilst also ensuring continued and sustained growth of contribution and profitability.
Supporting Country and Segment in measuring, tracking and managing sales targets and budgets for Commercial and SME segments.
Forging business partnerships with Business and Personal market stakeholders in the Country, to leverage the interplay between Business and Personal Banking for optimal growth and retention.
Influencing and facilitating relationships in all segments.
Contributing significantly to the development of sales and service best practices and consistent operating structures for Business Banking, for roll out across the country.
Supporting the implementation of best practices in the country.
Profitable growth in Business Banking

Accountable for Business Banking income statement and balance sheet
Have a good knowledge of the business banking market in country. Specific emphasis is to be placed on quantifying our existing market share and developing strategies to increase business banking market share.
Regularly update a swot analysis of business banking, with specific emphasis on understanding our own key differentiators vs those of the competitors.
Formulate, drive, measure and manage the implementation of a sales performance strategy for Business Banking – across all segments to grow new business and share of wallet of existing customers.
Ensure appropriate engagement with regional and branch managers to ensure alignment of sales and service strategies.
Participate in setting sales and service targets across all business banking segments, Comercial, SME and specialized banking i.e Agriculture
Prepare financial budgets/ forecasts in line with strategic objectives, business/ operational risk, socio-political and economic market forces (PESTEL),
Implement and control the pricing tactics and parameters for business banking in line with pricing policy and financial targets.
Report on overall business banking performance against targets, sales, service, financial performance, compliance, credit, risk etc
Measure, track and manage sales targets and budgets for the Business Banking
Leverage sales growth tactics and targets in collaboration with business partners in the Area e.g. Regional Managers, Executive and Private Banking, Vehicle and Asset Finance; Electronic Banking; SBIB, CIB and Global market sales.
Develop and implement sales and marketing best practices in support of the respective business banking value propositions and customer expectations.
Implement processes to monitor portfolio capacity.
Provide guidance, promote, sell and structure a wide and diverse range of financial solutions customised to best meet the financial needs of business banking customers.
Identify opportunities to migrate top-end relationships. SME to Commercial, Commercial to CIB
Engage with CIB to develop migration strategies, and manage migration of CIB relationships to expert segment.
Review segmentation regularly to ensure that portfolios are appropriately managed and accounts are migrated where appropriate. Manages the balance between number of accounts and portfolio profitability.
Delivery of the People Strategy
Supporting management with the profiling, aligning and allocation of staff to sub-segments and roles, using the competency framework.
Supporting talent management in collaboration with HR and branch and regional managers by building and maintaining a skills database for key Business Banking roles in the province.
Supporting the country and regional managers with selection, succession planning and career path opportunities.
Supporting the country and engaging regional managers in the measurement of people and performance contribution.
Facilitating a culture of performance excellence by creating a remedial process for addressing and improving poor performance.
People Management – ensuring that development gaps are identified and the appropriate L+D plans are implemented across the segment in Country.
Building a skills database of all segment relationship managers in the country through the People Profiling Exercise
Supporting the country and regional managers in establishing and driving the delivery of business Banking education and development platforms to bridge skills gaps.
Supporting line management in determining Business Banking Training & Development plans for their teams.
Upskilling Business Banking staff and regional managers regarding the Business model - sales, service and credit.

Change Management

Facilitating the implementation and acceptance of change in the country.
Translating the change effort into day-to-day activities; guiding and motivating others to take action supporting the change.
Communicating the importance of change (using a variety of communication methods) on an ongoing basis through frequent visits to business suites and branches.
Addressing resistance to change and helping staff overcome resistance to change through empathy.
Facilitating the alignment and adjustment of operational systems and processes to support change in a way that reduces complexities, paradoxes and contradictions.
Modeling the change by taking action, making decisions and shaping country Business Banking priorities to reflect the new focus.
Recognising and rewarding staff whose actions support the change effort.

Customer Service Excellence

Ensure that business banking service targets are consistently achieved.
Providing input into the establishment, execution and control of customer complaint resolution procedures in the country.
Monitoring and identifying complaint trends and establishing procedures to address problems and service gaps.
Providing support in servicing and retaining top clients.
Establishing, monitoring and managing (in collaboration with strategic business partners) service level agreements, standards and turnaround times for the country in line with value proposition requirements.
Influencing the basket of products and solutions offered across the Business Banking sub segments.

Lending and Risk Management

Facilitating a sound working partnership between Retail Credit and Business Banking to stimulate business growth without compromising risk and the quality of lending.
Arbitrating and/or motivating credit decisions in need and helping management to explore alternatives.
Ensuring that skills gaps at all levels are identified and appropriate actions taken to Up - skill staff regarding lending.
Accountability for the overall business banking lending portfolio (Commercial and SME) – Joint accountability and engagement with Head of Commercial and SME
Close co-operation between the Head of Business Banking and the Head of Credit to pro-actively manage the business banking credit portfolio.
Particular emphasis on account management ie reducing excesses, unlimited overdrawn accounts and overdue reviews in all segments.

Compliance with Legislation

Supporting the implementation and monitoring of the appropriate local financial legislation.
Ensuring appropriate levels of compliance maintained with respect to Stanbic requirements.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

Degree plus approximately 8-10 years’ general banking experience of which 2-3 years need to have been in a Centre Manager role within the commercial market.
Advanced experience and knowledge in Credit and Compliance Matters
Experience in dealing with Business Customers at all levels
Significant people management experience - leading teams and motivating people
Advanced product knowledge including specialised products and financial structures
Experience in negotiation skills and conflict handling

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Relevant business related tertiary qualification is a pre-requisite
Relevant post-graduate studies e.g. MBA, AEP is an advantage
Leadership and Management skills training e.g. MDP, Leadership Development Programme is a pre-requisite
Strong Change Management skills and an understanding of change management models.
A conceptual understanding of business economics and the current business economic environment.
An solid understanding of different industry sectors and sector risk profiles/ trends
Advanced knowledge of Managing Local Market (MLM) Sales principles and practices to optimise retention and growth within the Centre.
Strong negotiation and conflict management skills to create a cooperative and collaborative working environment.
Thorough knowledge and understanding of all Business
Banking and Group Company product/ service offerings.
Strategic planning models, principles and practices, including market segmentation models/ theory.
International and local Sales & Service Delivery benchmarks and standards.

Financial Acumen:
Financial Modelling capability
Activity based costing
Financial analysis (evaluating and identifying trends)
Complex cashflow cycles (industry/ sector specific)

Advanced and practical knowledge and understanding of Credit principles and practices.
A seasoned knowledge of the terms and conditions of multiple legal entities/ company structures operating in the commercial market and the legislative restrictions & requirements governing these.
Sound understanding of current taxation laws.
A good knowledge of the Companies Act and local financial legislative requirements.
A good knowledge of Business Banking transactional administration processes and procedures.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


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Job Details
To ensure sound corporate governance within Stanbic Bank and to provide the Board with guidance and advice on governance matters and on relevant laws and regulations.

Job Purpose

The purpose of the role is to provide company secretarial assistance to the Company Secretary and assist with all company secretarial and governance functions.
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Keeping the Company records and database (e.g. Blueprint Oneworld) up to date (including maintenance of the filing system and general archiving)
Assist with drafting the board and committee agendas
Assist with drafting the yearly work plans for the board and committees
Assist with the compilation and timely circulation of board and committee papers on boardbooks
Ensure that the proceedings of committee meetings are properly recorded (as well as producing an action list) and that minutes of meetings are circulated to the members in a timely manner
Assist with providing guidance to the board on their responsibilities and duties and also on matters of good governance and of changes in legislation
Assist with the annual review of the board and board committees mandates and terms of reference (for effectiveness and in line with best practice)
Ensuring conflicts of interest are reported by directors and recorded
Assist the board with yearly evaluation of the board, its individual directors and senior management (including the on-line system)
Assist with the co-ordinating of the AGM and preparation of the AGM documentation.
Carry out technical assignments including reviewing governance policies and procedures and research on relevant corporate governance trends and requirements
Preferred Qualification and Experience

Law or Business related Degree

Minimum three (3) years working experience in a related capacity

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Knowledge of the Tanzania Companies Act, Relevant procedures, Code of Banking Practice, products/services, local target market.


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