Planning and Research Manager

1.0 Research and Planning
To provide high-level coordination and technical expertise to ensure effective development and implementation of strategic Corporate plan, Mid-term plans, Annual plans and Budgets.
To provide high-level technical leadership, guidance and coordination on research and policy development to address strategic planning, trends and issues facing the Fund
To monitor the implementation of the strategic Corporate plans and report on the performance of the Fund through the planned periodic reviews and reports
To Coordinate and instigate innovative, high quality research and policy development by keeping abreast of new developments and best practice, and develop corporate programmes and budgets to support delivery of the current and emerging objectives of the Fund in all areas
To review and analyse data on operation of the Fund; report on the performance of the Fund and provide information to the Management for effective decision making
To study and advise the management on all government fiscal and monetary policies regarding the opening opportunities and threat on performance of the Fund ?
To lead and coordinate the research function at the corporate level by establishing statistical focal local point that will serve as a source data bank for all Funds operations and directorates
Managing the performance, skills and competency development of research and planning staff, including training development and knowledge management capabilities

1.2 Industrialisation
Extensive industrial experience in processing, design, manufacturing, technical service and application development
Proven experience in product manufacturing scale-up and commissioning
Proven experience in identifying and understanding customer requirements
Cultural awareness of different business approaches internationally/globally
Leading the concept evaluation and manufacturing feasibility assessment for potential products and making recommendations for go/no go decisions for product commercialisation aligned to business strategy.
Liaison with direct customers and end user industries to understand and define manufacturing requirements

Defining and specifying the manufacturing equipment to produce new products to from proof of concept through to seamless transfer to Operations
Preparing manufacturing for transfer from Emerging Business to established Operations functions
 Desired Profile: Ability to influence internal and external stakeholders, work well in a team and be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients and customers. Be assertive with problem solving skills and decision making ability

 Experience: Proven five years of experience in research and planning; a program or project management position. Extensive experience of manufacturing environments & systems and previous experience of identifying and developing resources improvements necessary for rate adherence

 Education: A holder of Masters Degree or equivalent in Economics, Industrial Economics, Statistics and Finance Management coupled with at least five years working experience in the similar field. An experience in industrialization will be an advantage. Must be computer literate.

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