Regional Recovery Officer

Basic Functions
Implement all FINCA Microfinance Bank the Recovery Policy and its procedures from time to time
Monitor and report on arrangements made with late payers/debtors for outstanding debts.
Main Duties.

Ensure that the Collection agents are properly engaged; their contracts are updated or terminated from time to time.
Provide weekly reports/updates to the Recovery Manager or a person acting in that position on issues affecting recovery of overdue assets of the Region.
Monitor the work and conduct of collection agents to ensuring they are working per the signed agreements and any breach thereof should immediately be noticed and appropriate legal action should be taken per agreement and the laws.
Determine the appropriate recovery action and refer matters to debt collection agents where necessary after consult with Recovery Manager
Liaise with debt collection agents regarding overdue assets until finalized
6. Reconcile outstanding overdue assets and raise associated costs in regards to recovery action.

7. Review delinquency report for loans above 60 days if the delinquency escalation process is been done, in a manner to allow debt collection actions to take place

8. Participate in the training of staff in identifying genuine securities, legal implications of illegal recoveries, fraud etc.

9. Perform all other duties assigned to him/her by the Recovery Manager or a person acting in that position.

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