National Coordinator (Tanzanian Nationals)

The SRD Center is committed to quality and excellence in helping national and international agencies in the domains of education, health, and environment, to succeed through providing state-of-the art consultation services, exceptional capacity building opportunities, and sound implementation, monitoring, and post-project evaluation for humanitarian and development projects. The Center’s Head Office is located in Amman.
SRD Center is preparing a proposal for evaluation of an education project in Tanzania, and requires a Tanzanian coordinator, from Lindi Rural, Nachingwea or Kilwa in Southern Tanzania, with experience in education projects, data collection, and baseline surveys. The role includes about 20 days of fieldwork from October 2016.
  1. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in education projects.
  2. Demonstrate experience in data collection and baseline surveys activity.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and experience in education projects in Tanzania.
  4. Demonstrate experience in project evaluation, assessment, and surveys.
  5. Proven capacity in conducting research at the national and sub-national level, including capacity to manage, analyze, and interpret large sets of collected data and produce quality reports.
  6. In-depth knowledge of education projects programming, gender-related dynamics.
  7. French and English language capabilities are must.
  8. Excellent writing and reporting skills.

Please note that CVs will be assessed on an ongoing basis and therefore qualified candidates are encouraged to send their applications as early as possible.
Please send your Curriculum Vitae by email to: jobs@srd.edu.jo
In the email subject line, please write: Ev/Tanzania (your name)
In the body of the email please write the following information only:
  1. Project Title: Education Project Evaluation in Tanzania
  2. Job Title: National Coordinator (Tanzanian Nationals)
  3. Full Name:
  4. Nationality:
  5. Language(s):
  6. Sex:
  7. Email:
  8. Mobile:
  9. Skype:
  10. District:
  11. Address:
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