Malaria Elimination Entomology Consultant

The Elimination 8 is a SADC ministerial initiative, designed as a platform for regional collaboration towards malaria elimination within the SADC region. The eight countries which make up the E8 are Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. These countries are highly interconnected by population movement as well as shared malaria ecologies, making it impossible for one country to eliminate malaria without collaboration with its neighbours. The Ministers of Health of these eight countries have therefore committed to develop this platform for joint planning and accountability. Achieving elimination involves the design and meticulous execution of advanced disease and entomological surveillance systems, establishment of capacity for quality diagnosis, and control of parasite movement through the region’s porous borders. The E8 Ministerial and Technical Committees have developed a 5-year strategic plan to develop innovative, game-changing programs that will steer the region closer to its goal of zero transmission of malaria by 2030.
The Ministerial and Technical Committees of the E8 are supported by an E8 Secretariat, which coordinates diplomatic and programmatic collaboration between the eight countries. The Secretariat is also responsible for coordinating the execution of the Strategic Plan, in partnership with the funding and technical partners of the E8.
Consultancy Scope of Work
The consultant will conduct an assessment of entomological surveillance and vector control in E8 countries. The purpose of this assessment is to identify gaps and make appropriate recommendations on capacity for entomological surveillance related to vector control, to support efforts towards malaria elimination. The entomological assessment, conducted in each country, will address four area - vector ecology and vector behavior, vector control and operations, vector control frameworks and financing, and insecticide resistance.
The methodology for the assessment will consist of interviewing national malaria control programme managers and entomologists/vector control personnel, as well as other technical partners supporting malaria vector control. Detailed semi-structured survey instruments will be provided for these interviews.
Specifically, the consultant will:
· In consultation with the E8 Vector Control Technical Working Group, provide input towards draft assessment tools, and support pre-population of the tools based on literature review and desk research
· Facilitate informational interviews with the manager of the national malaria control programmes to plan the local implementation
· Travel to each of the eight countries to conduct interviews with the NMCP and partners
· Using assessment tools, conduct interviews relating to (a) Vector ecology and vector behaviour; (b) vector control and operations; (c) Vector control frameworks and financing; and (d) insecticide resistance.
· Synthesize information and relevant implications from other national reports relevant to the assessment
· Compile reports summarising information gathered in each country, in narrative and tabular format as appropriate, and making recommendations for regional programmes to support entomological capacity and surveillance in the E8 countries
· Verify with the NMCP entomologist/contact person that the information captured is correct
· Submit final verified report to the E8 Technical Specialist, and the E8 Vector Control Technical Working Group
· Support deliberations of the Vector Control TWG towards development of E8 priorities for regional programming on vector control
Qualifications and Requirements
· A PhD in medical entomology, vector biology, or equivalent expertise, and extensive knowledge of malaria vectors and vector control;
· At least 5 years field experience in malaria vector biology, surveillance, and control;
· Knowledge and experience of Integrated Vector Management (IVM) and vector control tools including long lasting insecticide treated nets, indoor residual spraying and larval control;
· Outstanding people skills, and ability to work well with ministry of health
· Ability to work in a multicultural environment;
· Excellent quantitative analysis skills, including advanced use of Excel;
· Advanced Microsoft Office skills;
· Detail-oriented approach, with strong overall commitment to excellence
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills
· Knowledge of SADC context through experience in various SADC countries;
· Fluency in English is essential, and Portuguese would be a significant advantage.
Timeline and Location
The estimated level of effort (LOE) is 30 days. The Consultant is required to conduct the work between October and November 2016. He/she will work remotely during this time, but will be expected to travel to 4-8 of the E8 countries.

Interested candidates should email vacancies@elimination8.org no later than September 11, 2016.
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