Jobs at World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is seeking to fill the following three senior level positions:
  • Director, Agriculture and Commodities Division, to be filled by 1 April 2017; 
  • Director, Languages, Documentation and Information Management Division, to be filled by 1 January 2017; and 
  • Director, Trade in Services and Investment Division, to be filled by 1 October 2017.
The Agriculture and Commodities Division handles all matters related to the WTO Agreements on Agriculture and on Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures. It services the relevant WTO committees as well as providing support to Members in the implementation of WTO rules and commitments in these areas and contributing to dispute settlement processes. It also manages the WTO’s working relations with other international organizations and stakeholders in its areas of competence. The Division supports the ongoing WTO negotiations on agriculture and provides advice as appropriate. The Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) Secretariat is housed within the Agriculture and Commodities Division.
The Languages, Documentation and Information Management Divisionprovides three types of complementary services:
  • Linguistic services: Translation of some 40 million words and interpretation for some 3,000 sessions per year; 
  • Documentation services: Graphic design, text-processing, printing, and dissemination of materials;
  • Information management services: WTO library, correspondence, registration of notifications, archiving and preservation of materials, and on-line document research.
The Trade in Services and Investment Division provides support and technical advice to WTO members on the implementation of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and on further negotiations mandated by the Agreement. The work of the Division entails supporting the Council for Trade in Services (both in regular and special session) as well as other bodies established under the GATS such as the Committee on Financial Services, the Committee on Specific Commitments, the Working Party on Domestic Regulation, and the Working Party on GATS Rules.
Directors are the most senior positions in the Divisions and ensure that respective divisions deliver on the results expected and remain on the forefront as experts on the subject matter relevant to the division. They are also expected to manage staff members and their performance. Candidates must have the managerial experience, educational background and work experience required for the respective positions, as well as the skills to lead and motivate the divisional staff members to excel in their jobs. In addition, a solid understanding of the issues relevant to the subject matter(s) within the responsibility of the respective division is required.
For more details regarding these positions and to apply, please visit the WTO’s e-recruitment website at https://erecruitment.wto.org
The application deadline for the positions is 31 October 2016.
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