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Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) is a grassroots organization registered in Tanzania. SAT has launched two new projects (Farmer and Pastoralist Collaboration) and (Uluguru Spice Project). We are looking for passionate, ambitious, experienced, committed and driven persons to join our dynamic team here in Morogoro.

Job Title: Farm Manager (1 position based at SAT Farm)
Job duties: The Farm Manager is responsible for planning, organising and managing the activities on the farm as well as carry out training on livestock keeping. Specific tasks include:

 Proper administration and documentation of farm activities
 Practical activities, e.g. driving tractors, operating machinery, feeding livestock, preparation of botanicals, etc,
 Arranging the maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment;
 Planning activities for farm staff, mentoring and monitoring them,
 Oversee the day to day management of the farm (horticulture, livestock, training and field crops)
 Overseeing the research activities on the farm
 Establish and manage the livestock component at SAT farm (Animal Management and production, Animal breeding and nutrition, Pasture management, Marketing of animals and animal products, conduct Animal production projections, Administrative, planning and advisory responsibilities.
 Conduct trainings for farmers in villages and at the farmer training centre in Vianzi
 Maintaining and monitoring the quality of yield, whether livestock or crops
 Understanding the implications of the weather and making contingency plans
 Monitoring animal health and welfare, including liaising with vets
 Maintaining a knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they spread and how to treat them
 Applying health and safety standards across the farm estate
 Protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity
 Keeping farm records up to date.
 Develop session plans and training materials on organic agriculture
 Active representative of SAT and attend conferences
 Performing any other duties related to his/her work as assigned by his/her leader. 

Skills and qualifications: 
MSc. Tropical Animal Production, MSc. Range Management or MSc. Animal Science from a reputable institution. Minimum 3 years of relevant experience on a managerial/supervisory position. Knowledge of Ethnoveterinary medicine is an added advantage.

Job Title: Food Technologist (1 position based at SAT farm)
Job duties: The Food Technologist is responsible for establishing the Food Processing and Product Development department at SAT Farm. Specific duties will include;
 Source ingredients for products, and find the best ways of combining, processing, storing and preserving them to maintain taste and nutritional value.
 Source equipment and tools for the food processing facility.
 Develop packaging, marketing plans and manufacturing processes for these products.
 Develop new and improve existing food products, and set standards for producing, packaging and marketing food.
 Develop the Food Processing department and product line at SAT Farm.
 Ensuring that food safety and hygiene standards are met.
 Training of staff, farmers and pastoralists in Food processing, packaging and value addition.
 Testing and examining samples.
 Liaising with SAT facilitators and marketing staff.
 Identifying and choosing products from farmers.
 Monitoring the use of additives in food products.
 Performing any other duties related to his/her work as assigned by his/her leader.

Skills and qualifications: 
BSc. Food Science and Technology, BSc. Human Nutrition or any related qualification from a reputable institution. Minimum five (5) years experience in Product Development, Food Processing and Value Addition, Branding and Packaging is a must.

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (1 position)
Job duties: The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer is responsible for establishing the M&E department at SAT as well as develop the Management Information System (MIS). Specific duties will include;
 Develop the M&E component at SAT
 Preparation of monthly Management Information System (MIS) reports;
 Develop data collection tools
 Assist the Project Manager in preparing other relevant reports;
 Organize and conduct training on M&E/MIS for project and government staff
 Assist Project Manager in the preparation of reports on the findings and lessons learned from project innovations;
 Provide input and update information related to project outcome for the SAT website; 
 Assist Project Manager in preparing monthly and quarterly reports on project progress based on MIS reports on project activities;
 Develop M&E framework for the Projects;
 Prepare and maintain data base
 Performing any other duties related to his/her work as assigned by his/her leader.

Skills and qualifications: 
MSc. Monitoring and Evaluation, Masters in Administration or relevant qualification from a reputable institution. Minimum 3 years experience in the design and implementation of M&E/MIS in development projects implemented by national or international NGOs. Knowledge and experience with MS Access and data collection software is a must.

Job Title: Spice Expert (2 positions)
Job duties: The Spice Expert is responsible for making sure that spices produced by farmers are of a high quality and standard.
 Develop standards for harvesting, storing and merchandizing spices
 Prepare a variety of spice arrangements
 Train farmers in spice production and harvesting
 Ensure spice quality standards
 Support farmers to get organic certification
 Any other relevant tasks assigned

Skills and qualifications: 
Minimum Diploma in General Agriculture with 3 years experience in the spice subsector. Demonstrate a high level of knowledge and understanding on spice harvesting, processing and quality standards.

Job Title: Tractor Driver (1 position)
Job Duties: Drive and control equipment to till soil and to plant, cultivate, and harvest crops. May perform tasks, such as crop baling or hay bucking. May operate stationary equipment to perform post-harvest tasks, such as husking, shelling, threshing, and ginning.
 Adjust, repair, and service farm machinery and notify manager when machinery malfunctions.
 Maintanance and service of all farm machines and solar systems
 Inspect equipment or facilities to determine condition or maintenance needs.
 Attach farm implements such as plows, discs, or harvesters to tractors, using bolts and hand tools
 Load and unload crops
 Daily delivery of products to town
 Any other relevant tasks assigned 

Skills and qualifications: 
Must have a valid Tanzanian driving license with Vehicle Category G. Minimum Certificate in driving and 3 years work experience in a relevant position. Certificate in tractor/farm machinery operations is an added advantage.

Job Title: Procurement and administrative assistant (1 position)
Job Duties: The procurement officer is responsible for overseeing purchasing and supply management for SAT. Specific duties will include;
 Acquiring any needed services and products at the precise time
 Establish an inventory system
 Regulary update the SAT inventory and stock records
 Issue tools and equipments for distribution
 Organize transport, accomodation and meeting venues
 Prepare monthly reports of stock
 Assist in data entry
 Any other relevant tasks assigned

Skills and qualifications: 
Diploma in Procurement and Supplies/Logistics Management,
Diploma in Business Administration or relevant qualification from a reputable institution.
Minimum 3 years work experience in a relevant position.

Job Title: Facilitators (2 positions)
Job Duties: The facilitator is responsible for mobilization, capacity building and training of farmers and youth.
 Plan and establish demonstration plots
 Train on Group Saving and Lending
 Provide support for the marketing department
 Train on entrepreneurship and enterprise development
 Any other relevant tasks assigned

Skills and qualifications: 
Diploma in General Agriculture, minimum 3 years work experience in field and extension work. Experience with Marketing of Agriculture produce, entrepreneurship and capacity building in VSLA, VICOBA and SACCOS is an added advantage.

Application has to be sent in soft copy to the director (Email address info@kilimo.org ) . CV including current contacts of three references (one of whom should be the immediate employer), copies of relevant certificates, transcripts and testimonials and current and expected remuneration all to be submitted before 12.00 noon 31st January 2017. We value all applications but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. If you don’t hear from us after 15th February, consider yourself unsuccessful. Qualified and interested female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply

Source: Mwananchi 25 January 2017
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