The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. It strives to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another State.
Access to clean, safe and sustainable energy is one of the principal needs for displaced people, for cooking, communicating, education, livelihoods and security. If these energy needs are not addressed, vulnerable displaced populations, especially children and women, can be exposed to serious risks to their health and wellbeing, including SGBV, respiratory illness and burns. Additionally, increased competition for natural resources, resulting in environmental degradation, leads to conflict with host communities and governments.
Planning and implementation of effective energy programmes requires specific technical expertise in the areas of fuel, lighting, electricity and renewable systems combined with experience of applying these technologies and systems in humanitarian settings under harsh conditions with minimal budgets. UNHCR does not have regular personnel with the necessary qualifications and experience to plan and implement energy interventions, neither does it yet have any energy partners.
In light of the importance of energy in refugee response, UNHCR is shifting its approach to energy, recently establishing an Energy Unit in DPSM, Geneva. To develop effective strategies, guidance and expertise at field and institutional level, dedicated expertise is required, also providing continuity and enhancing institutional knowledge in this technical field.
In this context, the UNHCR Energy Unit is establishing a roster of technical energy experts in to carry out consultancy works of from two weeks up to one year duration.
We are seeking motivated individuals/teams with expertise and experience in the following areas:
A. Electricity Generation and Distribution (LV and/or MV; on&off-grid)
B. Building Services – M&E
C. Energy Efficiency and Management
D. Smart Metering and Cost Recovery
E. Renewable Energy Regulation and Electrical Safety Standards
F. Public lighting
G. Solar PV, Solar Thermal
H. Hydro-electric and Wind technologies
I. Biogas and waste-to-energy systems
J. Sustainable Fuels – use, production, distribution
K. Cookstoves and alternative cooking practices
The consultancy work in the above areas would include the following tasks:
  1. Energy assessments in specific field locations (needs and possible solutions - cooking, lighting, electricity)
  2. Feasibility studies and comparative cost benefit analyses of renewable energy technologies for specific projects
  3. Economic evaluation of PPAs & similar financial instruments for electricity purchase
  4. Evaluation of technical specifications, designs and reports
  5. Design, specification and tendering of renewable energy installations
  6. Management and supervision of energy projects
  7. Development of guidelines for effective energy programming, safety and efficiency
  8. Research into application of alternative technologies into humanitarian settings
  9. Develop and conduct training activities in energy safety and awareness for UNHCR staff and refugee & host communities, aimed at building the capacity of UNHCR in reducing their energy consumption and costs
· Advanced degree in Engineering or relevant energy qualification OR 15 years of relevant experience;
· Minimum 8 years of demonstrated relevant work experience in selected areas of expertise;
· Solid skills in research, analysis, using and presenting quantitative data & reporting;
· Capacity to work in a multicultural environment and to adapt quickly to new settings and dynamics;
· Ability to think creatively, and to explore, harness and translate innovative concepts and current practices into sustainable projects;
· Strong interest and exposure to development and humanitarian issues, especially in the area of energy and sustainability;
· Demonstrated experience of design and application of energy solutions in poor rural/urban environments / humanitarian settings an asset;
· Excellent written and spoken English; proficiency in additional UN languages is an asset.

Application Procedures
Candidates who apply for this roster will be screened and only those who have suitable qualifications and experience will be invited for a written test and / or phone interview.
Interested candidates should indicate the areas for which they wish to be considered in their cover letter. They may apply in one or multiple categories, but must meet all required qualifications. Both individual or teams may apply.
Candidates who pass the selection procedure will be retained in the roster and contacted when as opportunities arise. In order to complete your application, please send your CV, cover letter and any other useful documents regarding your expertise to energy@unhcr.org mentioning “UNHCR Energy Expert Roster”.
CANDIDATES PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion in the UNHCR Energy Expert Roster is NOT a guarantee of employment. If pre-selected, your name will be entered into a database of consultants to carry out short-term assignment upon request only.
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