Jobs at Management and Development for Health

Management and Development for Health (MDH) is a non for profit Tanzanian
organization that focuses primarily on making contribution to the nation in
addressing public health priorities through evidence based interventions,
education and research. (MDH) supports the Government of Tanzania through
the municipal councils of Ilala, Temeke, Kinondoni, Ubungo and Kigamboni in
implementation of the program on HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment and monitoring
of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).

In order to strengthen the care and treatment of PLWHA in Dar es Salaam, MDH
on behalf of the above mentioned Municipal Councils seeks to employ the
following staff:


Reports to: MDH Community Services Senior Officer
The District Community Services Officer (SCSO) is a self-motivated individual who
will implement day-to-day Community Program activities with the different
partners at district level including the CHMTs and project sites. He/She will be
responsible to the Community Services Senior Officer and will work in close
collaboration with the relevant region, district level staff and heads of
departments and units with MDH.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. The DCSO is responsible for ensuring that MDH supported wards in
respective district meets national standard for Community HIV based
prevention services which will include:
2. Provision of minimum package of Community HIV based services this
include HUWANYU and Nutritional support
3. Work with CHMTs and ensure day to day implementation of community
program activities in respective districts
4. Work closely with the CHMT in organizing sensitization meetings at the
district and community level on BCC to address risk reduction behaviors
5. Provide technical support to CHMT on all relevant related issues including
the monthly review the CBHS program performance
6. Work closely with CHMTs/ CHW in ensuring Community program is done
in accordance with the national guideline
7. Work closely with the CHMT and economic strengthening facilitators to
ensure beneficiaries received VICOBA training.
8. Work closely with CHMTs in the scale up of community HIV based services
in respective MDH supported district
9. Work closely with CHMTs in the strengthening community health system
and ensuring community engagement and participations
10. Provide Technical support to CHMTs on community interventions
targeting key populations for early testing, linkage and retention to care
11. Provide technical support to beneficiaries on economic strengthening
and life skills training
12. Facilitate local leaders and health teachers to provide gender norms
dialogues at community, schools and household level
13. Responsible with the implementation of community programs
specifically on engagement of community health workers on home tracing of
defaulters to minimize the loss to follow up of pre-ART and ART clients
through improving evidence linkages between health facilities and
14. Take leadership on implementation of the integrated model of
Community based HIV care and support services in MDH supported district
15. Responsible with achievement of agreed targets and outputs of HIV
care and support community level in the district
16. Collaborate with CHMTs to identify training needs for community
health workers and organize basic and refresher trainings using currently
recommended national curriculums
17. Prepare quarterly, semiannually and annually narrative reports to be
submitted to key stakeholders.
18. Carry out any other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
Qualification and work experience:
 Bachelor Degree/ Advance Diploma in Social Work
 Diploma in Nursing or public health Nurse.
 Two years’ experience working in HIV community programs.
 Experience in working with peer educators and PLHI in similar settings

Reporting to: Regional Data Manager
District Data Coordinator will be a key technical person in coordinating and
supervising data collection and reporting system of all HIV and AIDS
interventions supported by MDH in the respective district. S/He will play a
central role in the implementation of data management and quality control
activities and ensure timely production of reports.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Developing, modifying, and maintaining database entry and cleaning
programs in the respective district
2. Developing data input controls, range and logic checks, and other data
management processes based on input from other team members
3. Ensuring the accuracy of data entry, and collaborate with study-specific data
supervisors to resolve data entry issues
4. Designing, modifying, generate, and maintain database reports using SAS and
Microsoft Access in collaboration with other District Data Coordinators.
5. Training data team in the use of data entry and cleaning programs
6. Training Data Supervisors to develop and implement ad hoc queries; and
provide them with technical assistance in running data cleaning programs, to
resolve discrepancies in data entry
7. Performing SAS programming to manipulate and clean data, create variables
and format libraries, develop queries in SAS for data cleaning, and prepare
analysis datasets; analyze and tabulate data; and create graphic
representations of statistical information
8. Working with Data Supervisors to develop standard operating procedures for
QA/QC, evaluation of data entry accuracy, and work performance of the data
team staff members
9. Developing relevant knowledge and skills through training and self-study;
remain current on new trends in DBMS; and inform program development
10. Any other duty as assigned by immediate supervisor.
 Advanced Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics or
related field
 Minimum of two years of data management and or programming
 Able to work with MS Access and Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications
 S/he should have experience in data management in both CTC, PMTCT, HTC
and other HIV and AIDS interventions
 Able to generate reports from various data bases, meet deadlines and
demonstrate good attention to detail.
 Ability to work independently and as part of a team, meet deadlines and
demonstrate good attention to detail.
 Experience in working in donor funded programs and clinical research trials
will be an added advantage.
 Good leadership skills
 Good in both oral and written English and Kiswahili
 Committed to work and adheres to work regulations
 Maintains confidentiality in all aspects
 Analytical and problem-solving skills, multi-tasking and organizational skills.

Reports To: Site Manager
Job Purpose
Perform the task as Clinician for the HIV/AIDS Clinic under the supervision of
the Site Manager
Qualification and work experience:
The Clinician should be a holder of Diploma, Advance Diploma and/or Bachelor
in Clinical Medicine from a recognized institution; he/she should have an
experience of at least 3 years in the field of expertise.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Providing clinical care to HIV patients in the Clinic including:
 Management of Opportunistic Infections
 Staging of HIV patients for Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) eligibility
 Initiating patients on ART
 Managing complications of ART
 Initiation and monitoring of Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
2. Providing consultation to HIV-positive patients on the wards as requested
3. Maintaining accurate medical records and other data collection as required for
Monitoring and evaluation within the Clinic
4. Participating in Clinic Team Meetings and assisting the site manager with
strategic planning for the Clinic
5. Doing any other duty as assigned by the site manager.

Reports To: Site Manager
Job Purpose
Perform the task as Pharmaceutical technician at HIV/AIDS care and treatment
clinic under the supervision of District Supply Chain Officer
Qualification and work experience:
The Pharmaceutical technician should be a holder of Diploma/Advance Diploma
in Pharmacy from a recognized institution; he/she should have an experience of
at least 3 years in the field of expertise.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Make sure that the storage and dispensing area is clean, safe and conforms
to laws governing pharmacy and pharmaceuticals
2. Project consumption estimates for each drug item on Monthly basis
3. Make order of drugs from main store of your respective district store
according to anticipated Monthly requirements by filling authorized tools
i.e. ordering and requisition voucher
4. Receives deliveries and counterchecks and sign off all drug deliveries
5. Keep records of all receipts and issues. Maintain bin card for each item and
keep a running balance
6. Store, distribute and control the stock and ensures uninterrupted supply of
drugs at all times by ensuring Max-Min stock level of 2/1 Month at all
7. Redistribute the nearly expiring drugs to sites that can consume them
before the expiring dates
8. Controls and separate immediately the damaged and expired drugs from
the shelves/cupboard and keeps all set aside for destruction
9. Monitor prescriptions from dully authorized prescribers for appropriateness
and discrepancies
10. Dispense/refill all prescriptions
11. Provide medication adherence counseling to patients
12. Maintain records of all drugs issued to patients to dispensing
register, paper based and or software
13. Prepare and submit Monthly drugs consumption report which
includes stock level and number of patients on ARVs per regimen to district
Supply Chain officer before 5th of the next Month
14. Provide drugs information’s to patients including other member of the
clinical staff
15. Maintains confidentiality and keeps patient information and records
16. Do any other duties as may be assigned by the site manager

Report to: Health Facility I/C
Qualification and Work Experience
Diploma in Clinical Medicine/ Diploma in nursing with a minimum of three (3)
years’ experience in medical Field.
Job Summary:
Under general supervision collect blood samples from clients for laboratory
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Collect blood samples from clients for laboratory testing
2. Deliver blood to the Laboratory after collection
3. Obtain supplies and equipment needed for collection of blood samples
4. Responsible to handle and monitor flow of patient specimen including blood
draw and documentation
5. Keep blood collection area and phlebotomy tray clean and restock for future
6. Take part in providing information and counseling to the patients
7. Deliver lab test results to Clinic
8. Does any duties as may be assigned by the site manager.

Report to: Health Facility I/C
 Bachelor degree or advance diploma with least two years of experience
 Additional laboratory quality management training will also be considered
 registered by the Health Laboratory Technologists Council
Laboratory technologist is expected to be a self-motivated individual who will be
involved in setting and monitoring progress of laboratory program targets towards
accreditation. He/She will be responsible to the laboratory manager.
1. Fully support the laboratory towards accreditation
2. Read, understand, and implement SOPs
3. Performs daily QC runs on all laboratory tests/procedures
4. Perform pre-analytical procedures on all specimens received including but
limited to registration, separation, and storage
5. Perform testing in serology, heamatology, chemistry, molecular biology,
parasitology, and micro nutrients analysis
6. Prepare samples for shipping according to SOPs
7. Document daily operation, recalibration, preventive maintenance services,
repair of machines/analyzers using operation, reagents, calibration,
maintenance and corrective action logs
8. Troubleshoot minor technical faults in machines using operation manual,
document the action, and report to laboratory manager
9. Analyze samples/PT panel received for external quality control program and
submit them within deadline
10. Checking and completing all the laboratory results in the Laboratory
Information System or register book before validation/verification by a
laboratory supervisor
11. Archive all the source documents after testing in the appropriate files
12. Prepare summary reports of the machines/analyzers at the end of
every month
13. Any duty deemed necessary by the lab supervisor including but not
limited to training of junior technicians and students

Reports to: Nurse Supervisor
Qualification and Work Experience: Nurse Counselor should have at least a
diploma in Nursing and must have a valid practice license; he/she should have
an experience of 3 years in the field of expertise.
A HIV/AIDS nurse counselor requires extensive, current knowledge of the
symptoms and treatments of AIDS and HIV infections, the methods by which the
virus is (and is not) transmitted and prevention measures. HIV/AIDS counselors
must enjoy working with other people, have a compassionate nature and be good
listeners. A broad knowledge of diverse cultural beliefs and attitudes is often
necessary when working with diverse populations.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Adhering to nursing ethics as punctuality and cleanliness etc.
2. Ensuring that patients receive appropriate clinical care during a clinic visit,
including scheduled or unscheduled physician examination and laboratory
3. Educating patients in all aspects of HIV disease and treatment
management, as well as basic healthy lifestyles.
4. Counseling patients with regard to HIV diagnosis, management of
medications, medication and clinic visit adherence, psychosocial issues,
and basic health self-care.
5. Counseling and educating family members and care givers to promote
secondary prevention of HIV infection, to improve the care of patients with
HIV, and to strengthen social support networks of patients.
6. Accurate and complete documentation of patient information and patient
encounters in the patient medical record.
7. Assisting patients to connect with other resources through the referral
8. Assisting the physician in the provision of clinical care for patients.
9. Doing any other duty as assigned by the nurse supervisor, site manager
and OPD nurse officer in-charge.

Interested candidates should submit their application letters, CVs, Certified
photocopies of certificates and names and contact information (email addresses
and telephone numbers) of two references.

Applications should be submitted by 24th January, 2017 to the HR Manager,
MDH through e-mail hr@mdh-tz.org or drop by hand at our MDH Mikocheni
Office near New Regency Park Hotel.

Please note; only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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