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Give your best to better energy and make the commitment with Total. With over 500-plus professions in 130 countries, we offer high safety and environmental
standards, strong ethical values, an innovation culture and wide-ranging career development. Be part of the global team whose mission is already shared by
100,000 employees: to make energy better each and every day.

Job Description

  • Manage a team of 8 staff, including 4 dispatchers
  • Plan and organise the transport and delivery of over 350,000 m3 of petroleum products (petrol, diesel, aviation and illuminating kerosene, fuel oil, lubricants) annually to around 70 sites all over Tanzania.
  • Control the activities of a contracted transport fleet of around 50 vehicles using PATROM, Total’s transport improvement program; and follow up action plans.
  • Monitor the affiliate’s transport activity through performance indicators. Set objectives for transporters using these indicators.
  • Provide administrative and technical assistance to transporters, to enable them develop individual safety management systems. Carry out audits of these systems annually.
  • Perform additional duties as required by management.
  • Implement a transport strategy and manage the transport improvement plan.
  • Act as an interface between transporters, clients and the depots to optimise the delivery flows
  • Enforce HSEQ rules and PATROM procedures concerning transport activity.
  • Raise awareness and motivate teams about the safety of transport operations.
  • Manage together with the Customer Service department all client complaints linked to product delivery
  • Take part in accident/incident analyses with the HSEQ Manager.
  • Develop road risk assessments.
  • Participate in internal/external transport audits and manage the follow-up action plan.
  • Put in place contracts for road transport together with the Purchasing department in line with the latest PATROM requirements
  • Implement operational meetings and contract follow-up meetings with transporters.
  • Assess the performance of transporters and drivers.
  • Ensure vehicles have been vetted and are safe to load.
  • Assist the Operations manager to implement training courses for transport staff.
  • Optimise the performance of the fleet to reduce transportation costs.
  • Monitor, check and approve transport invoices.
  • Put in place controls to prevent fraud during product transport.
  • Implement monthly KPI indicators and monitor dispatching performance.
Candidate profile

  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Logistics .
  • Good knowledge and experience of petroleum industry operations.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in a similar position.
  • Leadership abilities and be capable of working without supervision.
  • Strong adherence to safety policies and regulations.

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