Procurement Officer Geneva

Purpose of position:
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world's largest humanitarian network, reaching 150 million people each year through its 186 member National Societies. We act before, during and after disasters and health emergences to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people.
The IFRC's Global Logistics Service supports this humanitarian action by delivering relief supplies during emergency operations and by providing ongoing support to Red Cross Red Crescent programmes around the world. The Global Logistics Service operates and provides these services on a cost-recovery basis. It benefits from a worldwide network that includes:
- a headquarters-based logistics service in Geneva
- zonal logistics units located in Panama, Kuala Lumpur and Beirut
- a global fleet base and logistics unit in Dubai
- warehouses in Las Palmas and Nairobi
The worldwide activities of the Global Logistics Service are guided by Logistics 2015 - the five-year strategic plan that supports the delivery of Strategy 2020, the IFRC's ten-year global strategy. Logistics 2015 focuses on three strategic objectives, namely to:
1. support the reinforcement of National Society logistics capacity
2. increase the IFRC's logistics capacity to deliver logistics services for preparedness and operational activities
3. provide agreed logistics services on a non-profit basis to third parties in the humanitarian sector
To provide the most appropriate assistance to the vulnerable through the strong network of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, it is crucial to deliver appropriate supplies, in good condition, in the quantities required, and at the places and time they are needed. Procurement is a key logistics service to enable timely and effective delivery of required goods and services to requisitioning parties.

The Procurement Officer will mobilise and expedite the delivery of material resources and services, using the best available means, as requested by IFRC Secretariat and operations, National Societies and other humanitarian organisations in line with the 2015 Logistics strategic objectives. This position will have a primary focus on (i) sourcing and procurement of supplies, (ii) provision of technical support to the global logistics set-up, including ZLUs.
Description of Duties:
1. Procurement :
Conduct international procurement, ensuring compliance with the IFRC's procurement procedures maintaining full audit trail.
Conduct technical review of purchase files ensuring compliance with the IFRC procurement procedures.
Provide technical guidance and support to the global logistics set-up, including ZLUs on procurement matters in the delivery of procurement services.
Provide back up to the procurement function in GLS andZLUs as required.
Participate in development of training materials for the procurement function.
Keep abreast of the development of supplies relevant to the IFRC's operations.

2. Procurement systems/tools :
Conduct all procurement transactions through the existing IFRC systems.
Consolidate procurement statistics, carry out data analysis.

3. Internal relations :
Establish and maintain good working lateral relations with relevant departments within the Secretariat (finance, legal and audit).
Maintain regular contacts with technical departments within the IFRC Secretariat.
Provide advice to NS on selection of suppliers, procurement and other related technical issues.
Cooperate with ICRC and other international organizations on procurement related activities.

4. External relations :
Maintain and develop customer and service oriented approach in the provision of procurement services.
Promote procurement services to internal and external service requesters.
Strengthen working relations with suppliers through meetings.
Attend exhibition and trade events organized by foreign missions.

5. Accountability :
Ensure compliance with IFRC, donors and audit's requirements.
Apply the quality assurance standards and ensure specification conformity through contracted laboratories, inspection and superintendent firms.
Produce regular, timely and accurate narrative and financial reports as required.
Duties applicable to all staff:
  • Actively work towards the achievement of the Secretariat's goals.
  • Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross Red Crescent principles.
  • Perform any other work related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager.
Required Qualifications
A university or professional school degree in Business Administration, Commercial or other relevant discipline or combination of education and experience
At least 5 years professional experience in international purchasing both in commercial and humanitarian organisation.
At least 1 year field experience in a humanitarian organisation would be an asset.
Red Cross/ Red Crescent knowledge and experience would be an asset.
In-depth grasp of international procurement practices for goods and transportation
Ability to work towards tight deadlines and handle multiple tasks
Ability to work in a cross-functional and cross-cultural environment
Good communication and presentation skills ability to produce comprehensive documents, synthesize information and analyze data
Must be able to travel at all times and at short notice, and work outside normal working hours and under stressful working conditions
Excellent knowledge of computing systems
Negotiation and problem solving skills
Strong interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity
Fluency in written and spoken English (Berlitz level 8)
Good working knowledge of another IFRC language (French, Spanish and/or Arabic)
National Society Relations
Judgement - Decision Making

Applicants may be requested to complete written exercises and/or be interviewed

This is a limited-term post funded by the programme budget and is classified at Officer level. The length of the assignment is 6 months.
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