FAO Project Vacancies JAN 2012

TitleGradeNumberExpiry Date
Programme Officer (Programme and Outreach)P3RAP-764-12-PRJ16/02/2012
Project Coordinator - (Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries)P5FIRF-754-11-PRJ15/02/2012
Chief Technical Advisor - (Management of the wildlife and bushmeat sector in Central Africa)P4SFC-752-11-PRJ13/02/2012
Forestry OfficerP2FOM-765-12-PRJ13/02/2012
Fishery Officer - (Stock Assessment)P4FIPI-759-12-PRJ10/02/2012
Communications Officer (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification)P3ESA-763-12-PRJ09/02/2012
Senior Economist (IPC Technical Manager)P5ESA-762-12-PRJ09/02/2012
Livestock Policy Officer (Environmental Policy Analyst)P2AGAL-760-12-PRJ08/02/2012
Forestier (REDD+)P3FOM-757-12-PRJ03/02/2012
Conseiller Technique Principal (REDD+)P5FOM-756-12-PRJ03/02/2012
Natural Resources OfficerP2NRC-761-12-PRJ01/02/2012
Chief Technical Adviser - (Livestock Resources Development)P5RAP-755-12-PRJ30/01/2012
Chief Technical Adviser, Food Security Policy and Strategy Capacity Building ProgrammeP5TCEO-747-11-PRJ30/01/2012
Technical Officer - (Food Security Information System)P4TCEO-748-11-PRJ30/01/2012
Technical Officer (Food Security Policy Capacity Building)P4TCEO-749-11-PRJ30/01/2012
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