10 Job Opportunities at Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation

The Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization, established in June, 1996, as a permanent tribute to Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere’s contribution to improving sustainably the quality of human relations.  The Foundation is not affiliated with any political party or government.  It is an intellectually and politically independent body.  The Foundation works to promote Peace, Unity and People-centred Development throughout the World, and particularly in Africa.[1] The Foundation’s work is based on Mwalimu Nyerere’s belief in the “Fundamental principle that all humanity, regardless of their differences, are the purpose and justification for the existence of society, and all human activity in any given Society”.  This philosophy demands that Communities everywhere should enjoy and develop themselves within the Context of freedom and democracy based upon “good leadership, good governance, social and economic justice’.[2]

The Foundation believes that people are central to any process of development.   Therefore, their history, culture, needs, aspirations, desires and fears must set the development agenda, that development agenda is legitimized through the people’s active participation in all decisions concerning their lives and livelihoods.[3] The absolute necessity for equity of access to resources opportunities for prosperity, personal fulfillment, basic rights and community advancement must inform the process at all times. The Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation is inviting qualified candidate to apply for the following vacancies in the service of the Foundation.

Ability to study, understand, appreciate and critically analyse from an African and South perspective the situation of the World, and its impacts on man’s equality, unity, freedom, and development of mankind.
Ability and capacity to study, and understand the main objective, concept and principles of MNF.
Capacity and ability to conceive, initiate and develop research programmes and projects through a “critical theoretical framework that re-examines the impetus of change and social transformation, from the perspective of the Africa Region, the South and the World generally. Offer pragmatic, creative, dynamic, reflective and emancipation alternatives to the dominant intellectual framework that promotes and privileges the status quo in global relations; priority being given to a specific African and South perspective”.
Conceptualize and develop a transitional framework to capture the flow of resources between the South and the North and between governments and within nation states.
Ability to identify the divergence of interests within and between individual nation states within and between Africa, the South as a region and between the South and the developed North.
Be able to identify explain and propose solutions to the challenge of lack of support from capitals of most South Countries as well as lack of coordination at South South level and within member states of South Countries, with a focus on Africa.
Be able to conduct research and formulate/determine negotiating positions, and solutions to problems and challenges that vex governments and the people of developing countries directly, and affect relations between developed and developing countries in particular.
Ensure availability of, and access to, information that is key to many of Africa’s problems and challenges through according more time and resources to access and organize information, as well as through theoretical and practical training of staff on identification and finding key solutions to strategic development bottlenecks in Africa.
Ability to identify and to know what exists in order to close the gap between the existing policy relevant literature and information used at the policy front.
Ability to make the Foundation able to understand and be an active participant in the World governance system, South and Africa platforms, in the areas of political, economic, social and environmental organization, management and delivery systems
Ability to work with other institutions with objectives similar or identical to those of the Foundation, to gradually evolve, for Africa generally, and its separate nation states, a CONCEPTUAL AND EMPIRICAL FRAMEWORK to underpin and orient the Foundation’s future work and activities, aimed at contributing towards constructing an intellectual and popular people’s platform for Africa, in order to assist in formulating responses, initiatives in global arena, and in South – North negotiations.
Ability to enhance information and analytical basis upon which policy and negotiating positions are formulated, in order to achieve a growing sense of solidarity, as commonalities and shared interests become apparent.
Ability to assess the systemic processes that shape the South’s reality, aimed at providing an overarching framework for analysis and enhance policy makers ability not only to discern the options that are in their country’s best interests, but also to grasp the common and shared objectives of Africa in particular and the South generally regarding the broader international system, objectives which need to be pursued collectively and which determine largely what choices and options they will have as individual independent, free countries.
Ability to organize the research and outreach programme as a dynamic undertaking, involving and relying mainly on African and South intellectuals and institutions, and aimed at contributing to the building up African capacity for self-reliance in the use of her Human and physical resources.
The research programmes and projects must aim at in interrogating the meaning and values embedded in the development discourse, based on the argument that mainstream and dominant perspectives are rooted in a philosophical framework that defines the development problem in narrow economic terms, secures the interests of a global minorities and sustains the status quo of global inequality.
Ability to capture interpret, analyze and propose approaches that will refocus the existing globalized methodological framework to enable Africa move beyond critique, and offer creative, dynamic and emancipatory alternatives.
Ability to coordinate and promote spirit of collective work in the area of work

Job Title:                         Deputy Executive Director

Types:                              Five Years Renewable Contract

Report to:                        Board of Trustees of the MNF

Location:                         Dar es Salaam

Salary and Benefits:        Attractive

Responsible to the Executive Director for overall management and co-ordination of the Foundation, and support to Executive Director.

Support the Executive Director of the Foundation, ensure the proper running of day-to-day activities of the Foundation
Upon the directives of the Executive Director, take charge of financial management and accountability in all financial transactions
In team work propose and facilitate the development budgetary policies and regulations for financial management.
Offer a critical and practical support to research programs and Project Development, promoting African unity, South–South Cooperation, and South-North Relations.
Representing the Foundation in various International and National conferences, panels, and round table discussions.
In partnership with Executive Director formulate policies and approaches to promote organization learning and knowledge sharing on Peace, Unity, and People –Centred Development.
Supervise, Monitor, and evaluate the implementation of the Foundations plans.
To formulate, offer alternatives and supporting Fundraising efforts, and approaches.
Assist the Executive Director in handling secretarial duties to the Board of Trustees
 Any other responsibility as may be directed by the MNF Board of Trustees.
The applicant must have at least 10 years of general work experience, and a minimum of 5 years at Research and Management level in a reputable Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) or Intergovernmental organization dealing in people-centred development research or coordinating work.
A holder of a PhD or advanced University Degree in Political Science; Development Studies; History; Economics, International Relations, or Education, Project Management, Law and related social sciences.
Research fields based Evidence and Publications on Peace, Unity and People-Centred Development and other related subjects.
A full Curriculum Vitae with at least three (3) academic and management referees
Communication skills, fluency in written and spoken English and Swahili; French is an added advantage.
Good Computer skills

Job Title:                             Program Officer

Types:                                 Five Years Renewable Contract

Report to:                           Executive Director

Location:                            Dar es Salaam

Salary and Benefits:         Attractive

Positions:                          1 Post

Program officers are initially the Think Tank Team of the Foundation, are responsible for collective generation of ideas, program and project on Peace, Unity and People Centred development.  In collaboration with fellow Professionals, experts outside the Foundation develop and propose approaches addressing problems of Africa, South as a region and relationship with the developed North.

Research and analyse political and social situations in Africa, the South and the Developed North, which have detrimental impact to growth and peace.
Develop concepts that offer critical solutions to problems of People Centred Development, Peace and Unity in African and South Perspectives.
Liaise with Governments, regional organization such as AU, EAC, SADC and organizations within Africa and the South Centre.
 Formulate and review mechanism adopted by the Foundation in the promotion of main and specific objectives spelt out in MNF Article of Inco-operations.
Promote dialogue between the Public, government, UN agencies, Civil Society,  on peace and good governance, leadership and developments,
Organize and coordinate symposium, seminars, and conferences on Peace, Unity and People Centred Development.
Master’s Degree from a recognized University in Political Science, Political Economy, Business Administration, History & Geography, Project Management, and any other related social science studies.
Fluency in spoken English, and Swahili, French is an added advantage for this position
Work experience in NGO’s, CSO’s or Inter-governmental Organizations dealing with Social & Economic Areas for a period of not less than 5 years.
Commitment to Human Equality, integrity and freedom and justice for all.

Job Title:                         Finance and Administration Officer

Types:                              Five Years Renewable Contract

Report to:                         Executive Director

Location:                          Dar es Salaam

Salary and Benefits:         Attractive

Positions:                          1 Posts

The Finance and Administration officer is in a multiple function position, is responsible for overall administration, finance management, human resource management and procurement functions of the Foundation.

Finance Administration

Formulate, review and implement policies that enhance efficient and effective financial management and optional resource mobilization and utilization approaches
To coordinate, supervise and plan all the financial functions and management of the Foundation.
To develop and maintain efficient and effective budgeting and management information systems.
To ensure proper accounting, financial reporting, and control within the Foundation through the development and implementation of sound accounting systems and procedures based on accepted accounting principles and financial control systems.
Administration and Human Resource

Develop and implement the Foundation’s policies and regulations.
Advise the Foundation on general legal and regulations of the Government, harmonies the Foundation’s policies, legislations and regulations to ensure compliance with the law of the United Republic of Tanzania and International Law.
Develop and implement human resource regulations and policies for the Foundation. To deal with staff matters relating to labour laws, staff regulations, staff welfare and benefits.
Formulate and advice on proper reporting mechanisms within and outside the Foundation.
Coordinate and supervise corporate affairs of the Foundation including industrial relations, community and social interactions
Formulate review and implement procurement policies for services and supplies for the Foundation.
Develop and implement policies enhancing proper records and documentation, as well as management of Foundations’ inventories.
Ensure strong interpersonal skills and supervisory abilities
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Political Science (MPS), Public Administration (MA Pub.), Law (LLM), Finance, and Management.
Not less than five (5) years’ work experience in a senior finance and administration position in a recognized organization or government
Previous experience in dealing with donor agencies and donor funded projects
Fluency in English and Swahili, French is an added advantage
Work experiences in NGOs, International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), in social and economic areas and generally in governance and leadership.
Computer Skills

Job Title:                           Accountant

Types:                                Five Years Renewable Contract

Report to:                          Chief of Finance and Administration

Location:                          Dar es Salaam

Salary and Benefits:         Attractive

Positions:                          1 Posts

Accountant officer is responsible primarily to provide high level financial management, and advice to the Chief of Finance and Administration on proper mechanisms, national and international approaches and standards for financial management and accountability. He/she also expected to offer high level cost-benefit advice to Foundation on financial management, monitoring and evaluation of financial uses.

Develop, maintain, control and implement  sound accounting  and financial management systems and procedures based on acceptable national and International standards (eg International Financial Reporting Standards)
Maintain proper books of accounts and all financial accounting records
Establish adequate internal financial monitoring and control system and to take full precautions against fraud and negligence with high level of financial discipline and proper authorizations
Preparation of monthly and quarterly financial statements and reports for estimated and actual revenue, as well as expenditure against the allocated expenditures per organization work item
Ensure that all income due to the Foundation is collected promptly and brought to account.
Preparation of purchase orders in adherence to approved budget against over expenditure.
Make adequate arrangements for safe keeping of all financial documents, including cheque books, receipt books and other accounting documents.
Liaise with the external auditor appointed by the Board and ensuring that within six months after the end of each financial year draft accounts of the preceding financial year of the Foundation are submitted for audit.
Provide a sound advice to the Foundation in the implementations of the suggestions made by the internal and external auditors.
 Supervise the accounting staff and generally to be responsible for managing the accounting functions of the Foundation
Bachelor in Business Administration with accounting qualifications, Bachelor degree in finance with major in Accounting
Accounting qualification (CPA) is compulsory for this position
Registered by NBAA as an Authorized Accountant.
3 – 4 years post-qualification experience in accounting functions
Fluency in English and Kiswahili; French as an added advantage
Competent in Computer skills

Job Title:                         Accounting Assistant

Types:                              Five Years Renewable Contract

Report to:                         Accountant

Location:                          Dar es Salaam

Salary and Benefits:         Attractive

Positions:                          1 Posts


To provide assistance to Accountant, and keeping records, cheque register.

Assist Accountant  to develop, maintain, control and implement sound accounting and financial management systems
Assist Accountant officer to maintain proper books of accounts and all financial accounting records
Assist accountant to prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements and reports
Assist accountant to ensure that all income due to the Foundation is collected promptly and brought to account.
To maintain petty cash and records, and maintain debtor and creditor register
To prepare monthly payroll and make prompt payment for all payroll deductions (PAYE, Social Security contributions)
Bachelor Degree in accountancy from a recognized institution
At least 2-3 years work experience in accounting functions in a recognized Institutions
Full understanding of bookkeeping and accountancy procedures
Computer skills
Fluency in written and oral English and Swahili languages

Job Tittle:                        Fundraiser

Type:                               Five Years Renewable Contract

Reporting to:                   Executive Director

Location:                         Dar es Salaam

Salary and Benefit:         Attractive

The Fundraiser’s chief function is the procurements of funds for the Foundation program work and operational expenditure. This is to be achieved by soliciting and raising funds to sustain the institution through the establishments of an endowment fund.

To initiate and formulate funds procurement policies and investment strategies to maximise the sustainability potential of the Foundation.
To develop and implement sound resource mobilization strategies which will result in to adequate annual and long term financial resources for the programme and operational budget
To cultivate and promote public relations strategies which will attract funding from institutions and individuals.
To identify and promote alternative financial resources areas to support traditional budget resources areas,
To coordinate internal and external fundraising strategies for the Foundation.
Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Public Administration (MPA), Philosophy and Sociology, Marketing and Communication Skills, and other related subject.
3-5 previous experiences in fundraising at Civil Society organization, and international organization
 Previous experiences in dealing with donor agencies, soliciting and procurement of funds.
Highly contact and communication skills in both English, and Swahili
Computer skills

Job title:                                Librarian

Type:                                     Five Years Renewable contract

Reporting to:                         Executive Director

Location:                               Dar es Salaam

Salary and benefit:                Attractive


To be responsible for managing and maintaining library services and to ensure availability of books, documents, journals, letters and pictures and other related materials in the MNF Library


To ensure all the work of Mwalimu Nyerere is kept and maintained in the MNF Library, and available for research and other studies
To collect and keep all the relevant documents, literature, and publications on MNF activities and make them available in the library.
To advice the management on the acquisition of new publications, books, journals and other literature
To liaise with other organizations, associations, government and other institutions in relations to literature and documents relevant to the MNF Library
To perform any other duties as the Executive Director may direct.

Minimum of a Master’s degree in library from a recognized university or institutions
Vast Experiences in record management, documents and records preservation technology
A minimum of 3 -5 years’ experience in library services at senior level in a recognized and reputable institutions within and outside Tanzania.
Fluent and competent in both English and Swahili language,
Computer literate is a must criteria

All applicants must be  citizens of Tanzania, except for Deputy Executive Director position any African candidate can apply for this position,
Applicants must attach up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) having reliable contacts personal address, telephone number, and email address
Applicants must attach three referees and their contact address.
Applicants must apply on the strengths of information given in this advertisement
Applicants must attach certified copies of academic and professional certificate
Postgraduate /Degree/ Advanced diploma certificate
Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced diploma transcript
Form Four and Form Six Certificates
Professional Certificates and Award
Computer certificates
All certificates from Foreign institution, must be certified by TCU,
Applicants must attach a certified copy of birth certificate/passports
Applicants must attach true copies of  certificate, any forgery  identified will result to legal action
All applications must be in hand written in either Swahili or English
Applicants must, before applying read and understand the MNF on its website www.nyererefoundation.org

The deadline for application is 28th April 2017
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted,
All applicants must adhere to the working style of the MNF.
Application must be sent to;

Executive Director,
The Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation
P.O Box 71000,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Location: Co-Architecture Building, Junction of India/Bridge Streets.

Or by email at  info@nyererefoundation.org. (The subject line must indicate the position applied)

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