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ActionAid Denmark –AADK (former MS – Danish Association for International Cooperation) is a member of the Federation ActionAid International working to empower poor people and their institutions with necessary skills and tools to fight poverty in more than 50 countries. Within ActionAid International, ActionAid Denmark has lead role in strategic objective two related to strengthening citizen’s capacity to hold governments and cooperates accountable.
The Training Centre situated in Arusha, is part of Training for Change Organization within AA DK. TCDC is thus a vehicle through which AADK delivers its capacity building mandate within AAI. The center employs 40 full time staff, as well as a flow of project staff, interns and on demand associates. It reaches out more than 4000 participants annually. TCDC’s main mission is to support progressive civil society organizations and social movements in Africa to become a strong force for building a democratic, equitable, sustainable and transformative change in the continent. MS TCDC envisions an African civil Society actively initiating, leading, sustaining and succeeding in popular struggles for a more just, democratic and sustainable world.
The Head of Convening and Partnerships position is a new role at TCDC. The role represents a change in the center’s strategic direction to consolidate its 49 new experiences in CSOs capacity building while transforming it into a Pan African leadership development center to counter tendencies towards restrictive political space, violation of women’s rights and increasing inequality experienced by civil society in Africa. Africa Civil Society needs a safe and open space for increasing cooperation, solidarity and sharing experiences to mobilize and organize popular support for democratic reform, human rights and redistribution agendas at the local, national and international levels. It will mentor and build a critical mass of tomorrow’s’ leaders of popular struggles through intercultural programs, academic programs and hosting conferences, retreats of Africa NGOs and social movements
AADK is thus seeking to employ a high profile Head of Convening and Partnerships that will propel the center to realize its new vision of becoming a Pan African Leadership Development Center. Please see www.ms.dk for further information about AA DK and Training for Change.
The Job
The Head of Convening and Partnerships is an International position to drive one of TCDC’s strategic objectives of providing an open and safe space for Africa leaders of progressive civil society organizations to network, collaborate, learn mobilize and campaign for women’s rights human rights, wealth redistribution and democratic governance.
The position Heads the Convening and Partnerships Division at TCDC, reporting directly to the Executive Director, with collaborative and functional relationships with the Director of the Africa Civil Society Center.

Roles & Responsibilities
Programmatic Leadership:
  • Secures and sustains TCDC’s role as a convener for leaders of progressive civil society organizations work program through a long-term partnership and fundraising strategy
  • Supports the Executive Director to realize the TCDC strategy through partnership building and resource mobilization
  • Ensures strong linkage between TCDC and the Africa Civil Society Center and other like- minded initiatives seeking to create open and safe space for networking, collaboration and learning for women’s rights; wealth redistribution; human rights and democratic governance
  • Provides leadership in developing and growing the programme for the Africa Civil Society in collaboration with the Africa Civil Society Center, AAIDK, AAI and other key stakeholders.
  • Influences significant developments and trends in convening and partnership building roles through membership and participation in strategic regional and global funding decision spaces.
  • Responsible for Intercultural Dialogue programs to ensure their alignment to the agenda of fighting injustice through north –south alliance and solidarity
  • Advise the executive director on staff recruitment, employment, succession and release for the division.
  • Support section heads(s) to develop and execute their work plans and respective projects
  • Ensure regular performance evaluations are held and that organization Human Resource policies and practices are complied with
  • Manage division team through maintaining a climate, which attracts and motivates a diverse talent and passionate staff
  • Responsible for developing, managing and accounting for division budget as well as maintaining sound and ethical financial practices
  • Ensure TCDC values are upheld and lived within the division
Programme Development:
  • Secure annually, three long-term strategic and five short term partnerships for TCDC scholarship fund, conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Manage TCDC role as a host for the Africa Civil Society center
  • Ensure reflection meetings, retreats and conferences for Africa’s leaders of progressive civil society organizations and social movements are organized and delivered
  • Ensure delivery of leadership training, and training related to the change agenda of African CSOs
  • Ensure delivery of professional academic training to leaders and staff of Africa’s progressive CSOs are developed and delivered.
  • Ensure utilization of TCDC as a workspace for social movements, campaigns involved in popular struggles for a more just, democratic, equitable and sustainable world of tomorrow
  • Ensure delivery of intercultural dialogue programs to build capacity of young people and others from likeminded Northern Universities, Colleges through study abroad and summer programs, volunteer and internship programs
Your Profile
  • As minimum requirement, the Head of Partnership and Fundraising Division has to demonstrate the following qualifications:
  • Proven record to close longer term and short term partnership and funding
  • Demonstrated experience in senior leadership and management of teams in a multicultural setting
  • Demonstrated Ability in executing partnership and fundraising strategy including understanding reporting frameworks of various donors
  • Awareness and sensitivity of the regional and international development financing
  • Proven ability to present and engage at a very senior level
  • A Master Degree in fields relevant to partnership building and fundraising
  • Experience in strategy development and execution,
  • High degree of drive, focus and purpose and demonstrated ability to turn plans and strategic goals into action
  • Membership to strategic networks in Africa and globally,
  • Background in the non-profit/Civil Society sector and preferably market driven enterprises,
  • Proven strategic, analytical and problem solving skills,
  • Willingness to travel.
Conditions of Employment
The position will be based at the Training Centre in Arusha. The position is offered under AA DK’s international terms and conditions with a fixed term contract for 3 years with the possibility of extension to another 2 years.
The Head of Partnership and Fundraising is expected to assume duties June 1st 2016 or soonest possible hereafter.
A dynamic and multicultural workplace with challenges and possibilities to develop your personal and professional skills in an international context.
AA DK Values – Quality, Creativity, Respect and Influence, which give you possibilities to influence both MS’ and your own future.
The Process
CV and application should be received by AADK not later than Monday April 4th 2016. Only applications send through our online system will be evaluated (see attached link).
First round of phone interviews are planned to take place Monday April 11th 2016.
Second round interviews in Tanzania are planned to take place Monday May 16th 2016.
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