Monitoring Specialist, HSNP 2, Kenya - DAI, Kenya

Project Implementation and Learning Unit (PILU) for the Hunger Safety Net Programme Phase 2 (HSNP 2)
Reporting to: Operations Manager
The following job description is for the role of Monitoring Specialist for the HSNP 2 and is a guideline which will be further developed in line with programme needs.
Objective of HSNP 2:
  • Reduce extreme hunger and vulnerability of the poorest households through the regular payment of an unconditional cash transfer;
  • Ensure effective, financially secure and well-targeted use of safety net and cash transfer programmes to support some of the most vulnerable and poor in Kenya;
  • Implement a scaled up, integrated, effective government-led and financed safety net programme.
Job Purpose
The overall role of the Monitoring Specialist is to lead in developing and institutionalising a robust monitoring system, for the Hunger Safety Net Programme. This system will inform and improve day-to-day operations, programme learning, development and advocacy
The Monitoring Specialist will:
Programme Progress Monitoring
  • Work with the PILU Operations Manager and wider team to ensure a data collection system is in place that fulfills the requirements of the progress monitoring indicators in the HSNP logical framework document.
  • Manage and coordinate design and preparation of standard, regular monitoring surveys (for example post-distribution monitoring of transfers) and lead the development of analytical and numerical progress reports.
  • Use data from field surveys and on Management Information System (MIS), including account and payment status and the Case Management System (CMS) to report progress and observations of programme performance in order to:
    • Update HSNP dashboard;
    • Report to Quarterly Steering Group;
    • Report to Donors as required;
    • Disseminate information to other partners; and
    • Develop promotional materials and presentations at key events.
  • Facilitate joint working and harmonization of monitoring systems with partners, including but not limited to:
    • Attending NSNP M&E and C&G Technical Working Groups and development of harmonized NSNP monitoring approaches;
    • Harmonise data collection and analysis with other NDMA departments to minimize duplication and maximize resources and quality of information generated; Develop and agree reports required from Implementing Partners. Where data not forthcoming directly, create ways to track progress in other ways.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with independent Impact Evaluation service provider, identifying HNSP priority issues needing and benefiting from investigation by the IE;
  • Work closely with the Communications Specialist to use programme data to prepare promotional information and advocacy documents and presentations for the project. Develop creative means of communicating findings, using a range of tables, graphs and charts, infographics, photos and drawings, interactive media, etc., to help explain HSNP to as wide an audience as possible;
  • Support and train field staff in data collection, including development and training staff on undertaking individual household surveys or key informant interviews. Support project staff to compile and analyse survey and other field data as required.
  • Supervise and co-ordinate the work of the CMS Analyst / Helpdesk function; temporary Interns and Data Clerks including training and development. This shall include developing job description, induction, objective setting, weekly supervision and feedback sessions and regular performance reviews.
  • Conduct and coordinate regular field visits to the four northern counties in consultation with the Programme Managers, plan these visits and spot checks with NDMA M&E officer to verify progress of reported activities;
  • Share specific and summary field report findings with the Operations Manager and highlight any areas of concern, including recommending follow-up actions;
  • Ensure effective operations at the county, review County Technical Working Group meeting minutes and ensure information and feedback is given to CTWG.
Progress analysis and reporting
  • Oversee Case Management System and ensure regular reporting, analysis and prioritised management action is taken;
  • Lead on development of participatory community decision processes for beneficiary targeting and selection such as Community-Based Validation;
  • Lead on developing targeting guidelines and calculation and application of budget quotas for each area, using excel calculations. This includes administering the calculations for scaling up payment transfers as an early emergency response (scalability);
  • As required develop written field guidelines for implementing these processes for use by community representatives and county officers. Oversee training, initial implementation and provide on-going support to County Programme Managers; Ensure appropriate reporting systems are in place for each process;
  • Use the monitoring and feedback information to review processes as required for case management, ID registration and community based targeting and selection processes.
Any other tasks to be assigned by Team Leader.
Person Specification:
  • Several years of relevant experience in project management, ideally in ASAL areas with specific responsibility for monitoring and evaluating programme performance.
  • Experienced in process management including the development of guidelines and training manuals.
  • Experience in coordinating and managing data collection; data manipulation and data analysis.
  • Excellent planning and coordination skills.
  • Excellent written and oral presentation skills.
  • Ability to lead and motivate a teams of individuals including external partners; to work well with others in setting and achieving joint objectives.
  • Ability to undertake field trips in hardship areas at short notice.
  • Fluent Swahili. Languages spoken in HSNP operational counties an advantage.
  • Education to Bachelor degree level or above.
Project location: Nairobi, Kenya with travel to the 4 county offices
Application Deadline: 4th April 2016

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