Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) is an Independent Government Department under the

Prime Minister’s Office. TACAIDS main function is to co-ordinate all activities relating to the fight against HIV and AIDS as stipulated in the Act of Parliament No. 22 of 2001. Among other things, TACAIDS is coordinating implementation of Global Fund programmes in Tanzania.

TACAIDS is seeking applications for suitably qualified Tanzanians for the following positions:


The United Republic of Tanzania is experiencing a serious social and economic burden caused by the HIV epidemic. Tanzania is characterised as having a generalized epidemic that has stabilized at a rate of 6% on Mainland and less than 1% in Zanzibar with geographical, socio-economic, age and gender disparities and persistent new infections, affecting development and social well-being of the population. HIV infection has disproportionately affected more women than men, especially young women between 15 and 24 with HIV prevalence four times higher than their male cohorts. There are nearly 1.4 million adults and children in Tanzania living with HIV, over 200,000 new infections occurring every year, and an average of 80,000 AIDS deaths per year as a result of HIV and AIDS.

The UN in Tanzania through the United Nations Assistance Development Plan (UNDAP) programme on HIV/AIDS brings together the contribution of UN Agencies in support of the multisectoral national response in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. In the preparation of the UNDAP on HIV/AIDS, the Programme Working Group (PWG) comprising of the UN and National AIDS Commissions (TACAIDS/ZAC) jointly agreed on the programme outcomes and outputs that need to be addressed, covering critical challenges and gaps in the national response in the areas of HIV prevention, care and treatment, impact mitigation, M&E and enabling environment. Several UN Agencies are jointly contributing to common outcomes and outputs; however each Participating UN agency (PUN) contributes to specific Key Actions to avoid duplication.

As part of its contribution to HIV sector, UNDP Tanzania will support the strengthening of national capacity to mainstream gender and human-rights based policies and strategies for HIV response. At the request of the Government and in agreement with all UN agencies in the HIV PWG, UNDP will support the position of National Project Coordinator/Manager under TACAIDS to ensure effective coordination of the UNDAP programme.



To strengthen the capacity of TACAIDS to successfully coordinate the national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, specifically focusing on the support provided by the United Nations through UNDAP programme on HIV/AIDS ensuring timely and effective delivery of results.

Key Results Expected

• Effective Management of the UNDAP HIV/AIDS Project

• Timely project planning and annual reviews leading project AWPs.

as outlined in the project document to the development of subsequent

• Strategic partnership building and support to multisectoral HIV & AIDS response

• Monitoring and reporting to the Programme Management Committee (PMC), the HIV/AIDS PWG Lead, and UNDP as appropriate.


The National Project Coordinator is the lead coordinator of the UN supported HIV/AIDS programme. She/he will have one or more junior staff supporting her/his functions and will collaborate with Participating UN Agencies (PUNs) and other TACAIDS Directors and staff to ensure effective coordination of the national response in the following categories:

1. Capacity Strengthening and Technical Advice

• Facilitate the smooth implementation of the UNDAP on HIV & AIDS by providing appropriate technical and management support to strengthen the NAC in the daily management of the UNDAP.

• Manage realization of project outputs through activities

• Provide technical assistance to MDAs, the private sectors, local government, PLHIV networks, NGOs and FBOs in designing, planning and implementing interventions supported by the UNDAP while maintaining integrity and direction of the project results

• Liaise with other directorates in TACAIDS to ensure effective internal coordination of UN support.

2. Planning and Reporting

• Ensure preparation of quarterly advance requests for submission to the lead of the UNDAP PWG on HIV/AIDS and to respective PUNs including UNDP.

• Oversee disbursement of funds to implementers (e.g. ministries, CSOs, consultants) for interventions whose funding is going through TACAIDS.

• Ensure timely reporting and retirement of unspent funds by implementers.

• Lead in the preparation of high quality quarterly narrative and financial reports and submit to the Lead of the UNDAP Programme Working Group on HIV/AIDS and to PUNs including


UNDP, having been cleared by the Executive Chairman/ Director for Policy, Planning & Research

• Oversee the preparation of annual project review report and development of annual work plans for UNDP as per signed Project Document

• Lead in the preparation of the final project review report for submission to the PMC.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

• Closely monitor implementation of activities supported by the UNDAP for quality assurance and transparent usage of funds

• Create an integrated mechanism of M&E for the UNDAP activities.

• Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports; monitor project risks/issues and inform management as well as proposing possible actions.

• Participate in mid-term and final evaluations of the UNDAP Programme on HIV/AIDS

• Document and share experiences, lessons learnt and project results achieved in the field.

4. Partnership building and information sharing.

• Act as a liaison within the government sectors, MDAs, local government, PLHIV networks and others that contribute to the national HIV/AIDS response

• She/he will liaise the government with the UNJT on AIDS, keep the Chair abreast on any issues and facilitate synergies from other donors

• Ensure information sharing within government, within the PUNs and other development partners.

• Perform any other duties as agreed by TACAIDS and UNDP

Reporting Line:

Under the overall guidance of the TACAIDS’ Executive Chairman, and under the direct supervision of the Director for Policy and Planning, the National Project Coordinator for the UNDAP Programme on HIV/AIDS is expected to provide exclusive support in coordination, planning, implementation, monitoring and oversight of the UNDAP HIV/AIDS programme. She/he ensures that UNDAP programme on HIV/AIDS is consistent with the NMSF priorities and channelling of support is in line with government rules and procedures. The National Project Coordinator works in close collaboration with all other Directorates under TACAIDS, with support from junior staff under her/his lead and provides quality programme updates and reports to the UNDAP Programme Working Group on HIV/AIDS, to UNAIDS as Lead agency for the PWG on HIV/AIDS, and UNDP HIV/AIDS Practice Specialist to ensure timely achievement of results. Any official missions and travel will be agreed and approved by TACAIDS and UNDP.

Skills and Experience

1. Education


• Post-graduate degree in Public Health, Social Sciences or any other directly related field.

2. Professional Experience

• At least 3 years experience in HIV/AIDS programme management

• Experience of coordinating partners and stakeholders involved in the multisectoral HIV/AIDS response or any other programme/Project

• Experience working with the UN system, bilateral development partners and NGOs would be an asset

3. Functional/Technical Knowledge

• Comprehensive understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and current prevention and treatment technologies

• Human rights and Gender responsive analysis, planning, budgeting and monitoring skills

• Strong understanding of the socio-cultural and economic aspects of the epidemic, including an open-minded attitude towards MARPs.

• Excellent interpersonal, team-building, communication and advocacy skills

• Demonstrated skills in the formulation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of complex result-oriented programmes

• Highly proficient in MS Office programmes: Word, Excel, Power Point as well as internet and email packages

4. Languages

• Excellent command of written and spoken English and Kiswahili

Terms of engagement:

TACAIDS offers an attractive salary according to Government scales with qualifications and experience, career development opportunities and excellent working conditions. Successful candidate will be given 3 year contract after confirmation of probation on 1 year. In case on non-performance or pre-term closure of the project the contract shall be terminated.


Job Title: Public Sector Principal Recipient Coordinator Report to: Executive Chairman

Job Purpose:

The objective of this position is to coordinate financial activities for the programme grants entrusted to lead sub-recipients on behalf of principal recipient. To be accountable for programme grant fund.


 Manage the programme on all funding activities.

 Oversee the programme implementation of all sub-recipients receiving of Global Fund funds.

 Coordinate disbursement of funds to lead sub-recipients.


 Coordinate and lead oversight of procurement and supply chain management.
 Monitor and report programme activities to the TNCM.
 Request for disbursement of fund from Global Fund.
 Receive and consolidate accounting, financial and implementation reports.
 Facilitate annual audit by external auditor.
 Monitoring fund absorption rates.
 Ensure tax exemptions are secured.
 Respond to queries from Local Fund Agent.

 Responsible for Progress Updates and Disbursement Requests (PUDR) preparation and submission.

 Follow up of implementation of Conditions Precedents and report on progress in addressing them.

 Tanzanian National

 Holder of a Master Degree in any of the following: Financial Management or Business Administration or Accountancy or Economics
 Holder of CPA (T).
 The candidate must be registered with the NBAA.

 Working experience of not less than 8 years in relevant field and 3 years experience Managerial position.
 Strong writing and speaking skills in both Swahili and English.
 A computer skill is essential.


 The Principal Recipient Coordinator will report to the TACAIDS Executive Chairman.

 The work station will be the headquarters of TACAIDS in Dar es Salaam.

 Successful candidate will be engaged for a period of 3 years contract renewable.
 An attractive remuneration package will be offered.
 Females are encouraged to apply.

1.3. TNCM (Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism) SECRETARY (1 Post)

Job Title: TNCM Secretary Report to: Executive Chairman

Job Purpose

This is a senior position in the TNCM Secretariat. The Secretary will be responsible for overall management of Tanzania National Coordinating Mechanism Secretariat. He will be responsible for supporting the TNCM Executive Committee and the Technical Team.


 Organize and attend all TNCM Executive meetings, takes minutes and communicate decisions of the TNCM to Technical Coordinating Team (TCT), Technical Working Groups (TWGS), Principal Recipient / Lead Sub-Recipient.
 Organize and Chair Extended Secretariat as my be needed.

 Ensure that the Technical Working Groups are constituted and meet at least quarterly.


 Organize and Chair the Technical Coordination Team at least quarterly or as may be needed.

 Support the Chair and Vice-Chair in their communication and negotiations with Global Fund AIDS, TB and Malaria, Local Funding Agent and other donors.

 Support mobilization of additional technical resources for TNCM – sponsored proposals and projects.

 Ensure that Technical Coordinating Team and Technical Working Groups carry out monitoring and oversight of TNCM sponsored projects and grants.

 Ensure that the Technical Coordinating Team and Technical working Groups provide the Executive Committee with gap analysis on national programme and feedback on the projects and grants.

 Transmit to the Executive Committee those issues, problems and bottlenecks that cannot be resolved by the Technical Coordinating Team, Technical working Groups or Principal Recipient /Lead Sub-Recipient.
 Facilitate the evaluation process of TNCM performance.

 Oversee Global Fund AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM) proposal development process.

 Tanzania National

 MD preferably with MPH, MPA or any other advanced degree with 3 years of proven experience with a national coordinating body.

 Managerial experience of not less than 5 years experience.
 Strong writing and speaking skills in English and Kiswahili.

 The Secretary will report to the TNCM Chair as TNCM Secretary.

 For day-to-day activities s/he will be under the supervision of TACAIDS Executive Chairman.
 Duty station is Dar es Salaam at TACAIDS Head Office.

 Successful candidate will be engaged for a period of 3 years.
 An attractive remuneration package will be offered.
 Females are encouraged to apply.


Job Title: Global Fund Accountant Department: Global Fund Unit

Report to: Principal Recipient Coordinator

Job Purpose

He will be responsible for the good management and utilization of the Global Fund programme implementation.


 Facilitate receipts of Global Fund funds and ensure its disbursement to sub-recipient.

 To prepare, manage and submit Global Fund utilization reports.
 To facilitate and ensure smooth implementation of audit exercises.


To safeguard the Global Fund funds by making effective use of accountingregulations and procedures and ensure adherence.

To perform any other financial duties as my be directed by the ExecutiveChairman.

 Tanzania National

 Holder of Bachelor degree in Commerce with accounting, Advanced diploma in accounting.

 Must be a holder of CPA (T) or equivalent.

 Must be registered by NBAA with at least 5 years working experience in which 2 years should be in senior position in financial matters.
 Computer knowledge is essential.

The work station will be the headquarters of TACAIDS in Dar es Salaam.

 The successful candidate will be engaged for a 3 year’s term contract.
 An attractive remuneration will be offered.
 Females are encouraged to apply

Job Title: Secretary
Department: Global Fund Unit

Report to: Principal Recipient Coordinator

Job purpose

She will be responsible for all secretarial duties for the Global Fund Unit.


 Establish, maintain, and update TNCM membership roster and contact list to ensure accurate contact information.

 Prepare and distribute TNCM convocations, agenda, and meeting packets in accordance with deadlines.

 Provide logistical support for organization of TNCM Executive Committee meetings.

 Contact TNCM members well in advance of meetings and secure confirmation of attendance for quorum and majority votes.

 Help TNCM prepare and distribute Executive Committee and Technical Coordinating Team meeting minutes

 Help distribute the Executive Dashboards & summaries.

 Respond to requests for Global Fund information from TNCM members, constituencies, and other stakeholders.

 Provide logistical support for organization of Technical Coordinating Team meetings, membership renewal activities, Technical working Groups formation activities, and other TNCM events.


 Respond to general requests for GF information from the general public regarding proposal and implementation activities in Tanzania.

 Monitor the Global Fund website, download and transmit to the TNCM Secretary new, important information.

 Provide logistical and administrative support for organization of TNCM member site visits and participation at TNCM sponsored events.

 Provide logistical and administrative support for reception of TNCM visitors, Global Fund AIDS, TB and Malaria and donor delegations.

 Provide logistical and administrative support for the proposal development process, especially ensuring timely dispatching of the proposals to the donors.

 Establish and maintain the official TNCM archives in electronic and paper form. Make available the archives as a matter of public record.
 Help distribute constituency feedback materials.
 Assist with media relations for the TNCM.
 Assist the TNCM Secretary, Deputy and Monitoring Officer as needed

 Carry out any other duties as may be assigned or delegated by the TNCM Secretary and Principal Recipient Coordinator.

 Tanzania national.

 At least 10 years experience as an Executive Secretary, Office Manager, or senior Administrative Assistant in a national level office, coordinating body, or development partner/international agency offices.
 Strong writing and speaking skills in English & Swahili.

The work station will be the headquarters of TACAIDS in Dar es Salaam.

 The successful candidate will be engaged for a 3 year’s term contract.
 An attractive remuneration will be offered.


Applicants should submit their applications supported by a detailed curriculum Vitae andPhotocopies of relevant certificates together with names of three referees. Deadline for the submission of applications is 10th April, 2012 at 12:00hours.

 Applications should be addressed to Executive Chairman

Tanzania Commission for AIDS P.O.Box 76987

DAR ES SALAAM. ec@tacaids.go.tz

Tel. No. 022 2122651/ 2125127 Fax No. 022 2122427

 Short listed applicants will be required to come with their original certificates and testimonials.


 Applicants who will not hear from us in four weeks from the date of deadline should consider themselves as having been unsuccessful.

 Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

 This advert can also be found in TACAIDS website: www.tacaids.go.tz
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