Senior Researcher Wanted at REPOA Policy Research for Development

The Guardian, 13/3/2017.

The Senior Researcher will be engaged to support the research team in carrying out high quality research, in reaching out to key stakeholders for increased research uptake, and in mobilizing resources for further research work.

Objective of the assignment
The main objective of the assignment is to enhance local research capacity to undertake research in the REPOA thematic areas.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
1. Design, coordinate and undertake research, covering both theoretical, empirical and policy issues in areas related to REPOA’s research agenda;
2. Facilitate seminars and policy workshops on key research findings that are relevant for policy dialogue and development
3. Work with junior researchers in a bid to strengthen their capacity in conducting high quality research leading into publications and outreach to strategic stakeholders;
4. Lead REPOA research team in writing credible research proposals for REPOA’s sustainability;
5. Provide guidance and mentorship to junior researchers on reviewing their research outputs for publications;
6. Identify training needs for researchers and preparing modalities for capacity development;
7. Support the respective research directorates in quality assurance for research outputs

Expected deliverables
The following deliverables are expected at the end of the assignment:
1. At least four (4) articles co-authored with REPOA staff submitted for publication in international journals with at least 50% acceptance rate;
2. At least one (1) special issue co-authored with REPOA staff published;
3. At least four (4) working papers co-authored with REPOA staff published;
4. At least four (4) policy briefs co-authored with REPOA staff published;
5. At least four (4) research outputs co-authored with REPOA staff presented to the general public and media;
6. At least four (4) internal seminars for REPOA staff capacity building delivered.

Required Qualifications and Experience
The candidate must have the following qualification:
1. Holder of a PhD in the field of Social Sciences.
2. Minimum 10 (ten) years of experience in research capacity building and related activities
3. Minimum five years of experience working on issues on developing countries. Working experience in developing countries is an added advantage
4. Intensive knowledge of research as reflected in at least5 publications in the reputable refereed journals
5. Experience working in multidisciplinary research teams
6. Experience in preparing and funding proposals for Think Tanks

Duration of the assignment
The duration of the assignment is 18 (eighteen) months with an expected start timeline by April/May 2017 through to December 2018.

The researcher will report to the Executive Director and work closely with the Senior Researchers and Team leaders.

Working arrangements
The researcher will be based in Dar es Salaam at REPOA office

Intellectual Property
REPOA shall, solely and exclusively, own all rights in and to any work created in connection with this contract. The researcher shall not be allowed to post or publish (electronically or in print) any proposal-related information without the explicit consent of REPOA.

Evaluation process
• Professional Qualifications: 20%
• Experience in research capacity building and related activities: 20%
• experience working on issues on developing countries: 10%
• Knowledge of research as reflected in at least 5 publications in the reputable refereed journals: 20%
• Experience in preparing of strategies and funding proposals for Think Tanks: 20%
• Experience working in multidisciplinary research teams: 10%

Only candidates that obtain a minimum of 70pts out of a maximum 100pts will be considered for further selection process and contract negotiation.

Remunerations will be negotiable but commensurate with the qualification, experience in related field and deliverables outlined.

Application Instructions
Applications should be clearly marked “Application for Name of the position” and addressed to: The Executive Director, REPOA 157 Mgombani Street, Regent Estate P.O. Box 33223, Dar es Salaam.
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