NMB BANK JOBS - Analyst; Dispute

Job Purpose

Ensure all disputes related to Card Business are reviewed; identify all risks, prepare and implement mitigation plan in line with the card scheme standards.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance to reporting fraud cases to International Card Associations as guided in the operating regulation and Card Business disputes are timely and properly managed to avoid financial losses and reputational risk.

  • Update information regarding card fraud trends in the market and devise a means to prevent.

  • Conduct quarterly review of Visa operating regulations and MasterCard by-laws and rules and dispute procedures to ensure the bank is in compliance and complete the required compliance attestations.

  • Liaise with card schemes (MasterCard and Visa) to obtain guidance on how to perform accurate, timely fraud activity reporting and proper documentation required for financial and non-financial disputes.

  • Ensure that appropriate system has been implemented for fraud monitoring and reports are available to show monitoring trend.

  • Ensure that fraud control and prevention measures are implemented in the card management system and the reports for the same activities are easily accessible to Card Business analyst.

  • Follow up and understand fraud patterns; develop appropriate mitigation strategies.

  • Watch for trends in single or broad merchant chargebacks and work to improve detection and prevention systems in case of fraud.

  • Ensure fraud reporting to Visa (FRS) and MasterCard (SAFE) is done monthly and processed in the system.

  • Create card fraud awareness to all stakeholders through training sessions and communicate to branches and Call Centre on existence of card fraud activity and the best way to protect customers from fraudulent activities.

  • Ensure daily retrieval for chargebacks and copy request from Visa and MasterCard system; follow-up with branches to provide requested sales draft copies and ATM journal rolls.

  • Ensure outgoing chargebacks and re-presentments for incoming chargebacks are processed on time and with correct response code.

  • Report on all cases which are due for arbitration for both incoming and outgoing disputes and advise management on the best practice to avoid financial and reputational risk.

  • Ensure all processed outgoing and incoming disputes are reported timely for analysis and management information.

  • Advise card account for write-off of failed disputes for onward recovery or payment to cardholder or merchant.

  • Investigate and adjust transactions to avoid excessive chargebacks


  • Understanding of procedural compliance and fraud impact

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of card schemes.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Analytical with good presentation skills.

  • Planning and organizational skills.

Qualifications and Experience

  • University Degree/Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, Banking, Information Technology or Finance.

  • 5 years’ work experience with at least 2 years in card business (disputes management) under international card schemes.

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