This vacancy announcement pertains to law enforcement officials within INTERPOL's member countries only.  Please read the Conditions of Secondment in force at INTERPOL by following the link: Conditions of secondment.  
Please be aware that your home Administration/Agency/Service/Government will be responsible for all of your salary/remuneration, social insurance, pension contributions, welfare benefits, family allowances, benefits during your assignment at INTERPOL as well as travel, removal expenses related to your arrival at and departure from INTERPOL and any other related costs depending on your circumstances.  It is requested that you obtain in writing, confirmation from your home Administration/Agency/Service/Government that it agrees with these CONDITIONS OF SECONDMENT PRIOR TO APPLYING THROUGH THE NCB
Title of the post: Regional Bureau Secretary
Reference of the post: INT00734
Directorate: Global Outreach and Regional Support (GORS)
Duty station:  INTERPOL Regional Bureau for Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya
Length and type of contract: Three-year secondment
Grade: 7
Number of posts: 1
Security level: Basic
Deadline for application: 10 November 2016

The post holder will provide secretarial and administrative services to the Head of the Regional Bureau (RB) personally, and handle daily routine matters as they concern the work of the Bureau in its program and project areas.
Principal tasks - activities
Duty 1: Perform secretarial duties and provide administrative support to the Head of the RB, as well as the Officers assigned to the Bureau by ensuring the efficient preparation and processing of correspondence and documentation needed for the daily work of the Head of the RB and the Officers.
  • Keep available all necessary materials to enable the Head of the RB and the officers to prepare letters, reports, etc.
  • Prepare routine correspondence and other correspondence as requested by the Head of the RB and the officers.
  • Handle specific files and/or assignments at the request of the Head of the RB.
  • Respond to internal/external requests as they concern all the activities of the RB.
  • Be responsible for maintaining the agenda of the Head of the RB and the officers.
Duty 2: Put in place a system to log in, treat, trace and file all incoming and outgoing mail in the RB. Follow-up to ensure that action is taken in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ensure that documentation can be traced and retrieved upon request by implementing and maintaining an efficient filing system to assist both the personnel of the RB, and other officials who may request a document linked to the RB’s activities and/or projects.
  • Respect administrative instructions and deadlines imposed regarding the processing of files.
  • Initiative and develop, with the approval of the Head of the RB, administrative and management procedures in order to ensure the efficient functioning of both the RB and the Organization in general. To continually review these procedures, and modify if necessary, in order to adapt to the needs of the RB and its crime program areas.
Duty 3:  Perform secretarial duties and put in place administrative procedures in order to ensure that the RB operates as a cohesive unit.
  • Enable the quick and efficient retrieval of information, previous decisions, policy guidelines, relevant correspondence, etc. relating to the work of the RB.
  • Process, type and format correspondence and documentation arising from the work of the RB and its crime programs.
  • Assume an active role in the preparation and organization of missions, international meetings and regional conferences.  Perform a secretariat function for meetings and conferences as necessary.
Duty 4: Ensure all correspondence prepared within the RB is correct from both a presentation and linguistic point of view and respects specified deadlines.
  • Ensure the timely follow up of tasks assigned to the RB, ensure that requests processed within the Bureau are complete, comprehensive and presented in a neat, logical and methodical manner.
  • Verification of all correspondence.
Duty 5: Ensure that administrative directives from the Head of the RB and/or Director of GORS are implemented.
  • Ensure the implementation of administrative directives from the hierarchy. 
  • Suggest ways to improve administrative procedures as and when appropriate.
Duty 6: Provide administrative support to all officers assigned to the RB in support of the programs and projects undertaken by the Bureau.
  • Carry out secretarial and administrative tasks as part of a regional project team.
  • Liaison with NCBs, RBs and external organisations in the context of requesting information/documentation etc., in relation to on-going projects.
  • Timely processing and dissemination of information/documentation received. Any other tasks assigned by the Head of the RB and/or officers in the furtherance of specific projects.
 Minimum Requirements for the post
Training/Education required
  •  At least two years Bilingual secretarial education from a university or an equivalent training.
  • Fluency in either English or French with an excellent command of the other language.
Experience required                                                        
  • At least 2 years' experience in a secretarial post or equivalent experience beneficial to the position;
Specific skills required
  • Solid computer knowledge including excellent command of Office Suite and Internet;
  • Strong communication skills, both in written and oral form.
 Special aptitudes required  
  • Ability to cope with sudden increases in workload, and high degree of availability (may be required to work overtime or outside normal working hours);
  • Ability to work in a team and to maintain good relations with members of the General Secretariat;
  • Ability to react quickly and adapt to changing circumstances;
  • Personal and professional maturity;
  • Ability to maintain objectivity and apply logical reasoning;
  • Ability to work in teams as well as individually;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Good social skills, particularly in a multicultural environment;
  • Initiative, creativity (original thinking) and curiosity;
  • Ability to synthesize;
  • Good listening skills.
In addition to the requirements, the following Assets and Special Aptitudes would be beneficial. 
  • Trilingual secretarial qualification;
  • Knowledge of any other official language (Spanish or Arabic);
  • Similar experience in another International Organization.
Working conditions
•Remuneration: INTERPOL does not pay a salary to seconded officials. Depending on the nationality of official, an expatriation allowance may be paid for a maximum period of six years.
•The incumbent will be occasionally required to work irregular hours or overtime based upon workload.
•This post requires occasional travel on missions, sometimes of a long duration and at a short notice.
General information on INTERPOL
In compliance with INTERPOL’s Confidentiality regime the successful candidate will have to undergo a security screening according to the clearance level attached to the function.
INTERPOL recruits throughout the world in order to attract the best and most varied candidates. Nationals of all Member states are encouraged to apply.
INTERPOL has four official languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
INTERPOL retains the right not to make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower or upper grade or to make an appointment with a modified job description or for a shorter or longer duration than indicated above.
INTERPOL would like to inform candidates that their application may be considered for other similar positions.
INTERPOL operates a non-smoking policy.
INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 Member Countries. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities, and services whose mission is to prevent or combat international crime.
Confidentiality Regime
In application of Article 114.1 of INTERPOL’s Rules on the Processing of Data (RPD), the General Secretariat is “responsible for determining authorization procedures or a system of security clearance at each data confidentiality level”. Member countries which are not able or willing to assist INTERPOL in performing such a check should be aware that some INTERPOL information might not be made available to their nationals working at INTERPOL.
In order to be able to access police information classified as “INTERPOL For official use only” or “INTERPOL RESTRICTED”, the individual has to obtain “INTERPOL Restricted” security clearance. This clearance is granted after Basic security screening.
For seconded or other officials assigned to work or assist at the General Secretariat by a member country, in lieu of Basic security screening, the respective NCB shall attest that the equivalent of the INTERPOL Basic security screening has been satisfactorily completed. This means that the following verifications will not be performed by the General Secretariat but are considered to have been taken care of by the respective NCB.
In order to be able to access police information classified as “INTERPOL  CONFIDENTIAL”, the individual has to obtain “INTERPOL Confidential” security clearance. This clearance is granted after Enhanced security screening.
Under no circumstances should clearance be granted simply because of an official’s rank, post held, or length of service. Staff may only gain access to General Secretariat premises and to police information if the appropriate INTERPOL security clearance has been obtained. In order to reduce the secondment timeline, and as the Enhanced security screening may take some time, the seconded Official requiring INTERPOL Confidential security clearance may be authorized to start the secondment if the NCB can confirm that the equivalent to Basic security screening has been performed. Access to INTERPOL CONFIDENTIAL information will not be authorized until Enhanced security screening is confirmed.
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