Marketing Officers - Mwanza City

The duties of the marketing officers will be:

1) To visit different businesses located in the area of operation and talk to their management about the services offered by MKALWOGA FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES (MFA) team.
2) Organize all the documents and business data for all clients who will need our MFA softwares designed in Kiswahili or English for their businesses; these softwares can be for hotels, fuel stations, pubs,bars,restaurants,shops,distributors,schools,etc.Any business can be able to acquire its own software depending on the nature of its business operations.
3) Supervise payments for the services offered to be deposited to the MFA BANK ACCOUNT.
4) Monitoring on the performance of MFA softwares to the clients located in their areas of operation.
5)Reporting to the MANAGING DIRECTOR all crucial new business ventures/clients obtained/acquired.
6) Must be well conversant with internet communication so as to facilitate the job assignments.
Application Instructions
All those who will be interested to join the MFA team are required to send their applications to: MANAGING DIRECTOR, MKALWOGA FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES (MFA), TO email: vacancies@mfa.co.tz MWANZA BRANCH Make sure you send the application letter, CV and the copies of your Certificates.
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